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Solstice Shenanigans

What a interesting start to winter here in the northeast! The temperature is in the mid fifties before noon on the first full day of winter and I have to tell you, things are a little crazy with this unusual … Continue reading

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Tiny Bikes Go Magical Places

Well, everyone could have predicted this, but here it is anyway:    I finally got my grubby hands on a Brompton bicycle! Yes, it was at great personal sacrifice to my bike fleet. A couple of dear favorites ended up … Continue reading

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Color themed photos!

Color themed photos! Perusing through my year in pictures, some of the photos caught my eye because they are monochrome, which I thought made them kind of interesting. Last one is the best one because it’s my favorite.

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Abandoned Secret Worlds

There are few things more appealing than abandoned, secret worlds. They are so intriguing and what a wonder it must be to travel back in time simply by entering a room or place that has been shut off, untouched for … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween! Salem style

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Yes I do love Halloween. It’s such a great day and so far, the PC thugs haven’t yet figured out a way to inclusively suck all the fun out of it by lobbying to change it to something … Continue reading

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