Color themed photos!

Color themed photos! Perusing through my year in pictures, some of the photos caught my eye because they are monochrome, which I thought made them kind of interesting.

St. Joseph at the entry of St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal Canada

Artie turns gray and black after haircuts...and tries to blend into the driveway

At sunrise the driveway and Artie are sometimes purple

Green bike on ivy wall

The streetlights changed a white blizzard orange

Bumble bees on Goldenrod. Aren't they just amazing!

Blue night, fisherman and ocean

Red leaves despite kind of a lackluster autumn of colors

Green courtyard at Peabody Essex Museum


Pastel sea and sky

Sailboat in grey fog

Last one is the best one because it’s my favorite.

Honey on matching blanket

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12 Responses to Color themed photos!

  1. Lisa Wields Words says:

    These are wonderful and I absolutely LOVE Honey.

  2. Lovely pictures, i love colour in the picture of the bike, looks great. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Seasweetie says:

    Yes, the boat in the fog is amazingly beautiful and my favorite. But Artie and Honey are wonderful as well.

  4. Awesome! I totally love the fisherman and the sailboat in the fog… those are spectacular! That sailboat pic would look great blown up and framed! 🙂

  5. sweetman says:

    Thanks Maaaaahhhhhk!

  6. Dor says:

    You’re right! Honey on the matching blanket is the prize winner, but I am so impressed with how creative you are with all the other monochromatic photography.

  7. eyeLaugh says:

    Love the green courtyard!

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