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The Whistler

I am confounded by social media. There are days I swear I’ll delete my FaceBook account and transform that wasted time into a productive hobby such as a search for a cure for dropsy or bilious fever. I am afraid … Continue reading

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Artie, the One Dog Party. The perfect description of this Artie. I found Artie on the internet, I admit it was love at first sight. I had wanted a scottie since  my fourth grade report on FDR’s scottish terrier Fala. … Continue reading

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Cozy, cozy quarters

Life has settled in the smaller dwelling. We certainly have adjusted to…cozier accommodations and less space. The rapid shift from a big space to a compact one is still an overall relief, although some of the subtle logistics of the … Continue reading

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The 3 D’s of The Big, Huge, Enormous…etc. part deux

Desire, Discipline and Determination. The Three D’s of Success according to somebody who likes to put large groups of people in conference halls to motivate them to reach life goals. Last summer I channeled those three intentions  to galvanize the … Continue reading

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The Big, Huge, Enormous, Gargantuan and Mighty Downsize

My darling husband and I have embarked on quite possibly the most daunting and challenging mission of our nearly quarter-century together. We are selling our house. I admit that I am the galvanizing force in this adventure. I have been … Continue reading

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Where to begin again?

Hello again! It’s been months of procrastinating, neglect, negligent slackerdom. I could name 70 more adjectives for my writing dodge but it all boiled down to a firm belief that I had absolutely NOTHING to say. Massive writer’s block. Much … Continue reading

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Over Attached and Monsterous

All right, somebody has to say it and it’s going to be me. This is ridiculous: Here’s a little glimpse of Attachment Parenting. In case you don’t really understand, she’s Mom Enough and the rest of us schlubs are just … Continue reading

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Silly Monkeys

My sisters are wonderful. So is my brother. The older I get, the more I realize how fortunate I was to be born in the middle of such lovely people. Smack-dab in the middle–as in number three of five. All … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving to All

Travel safe, eat well and enjoy those you love, near and far. Happy Thanksgiving. and to a lesser degree, these two…

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End and Beginning

Is anyone really surprised about this little bombshell? That’s right, The Neighbors are moving. While the most you probably assume it was the triple swarm episode of last spring (ahem, my legal representation insists I restate that not one person … Continue reading

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