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Beekeeping Again

Wow! A second sunny beautiful day in June! That is supposed to be the norm but this June was more like April with many cold days of rain, mist or fog. Another weird weather spring happened upon us: March was … Continue reading

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Color themed photos!

Color themed photos! Perusing through my year in pictures, some of the photos caught my eye because they are monochrome, which I thought made them kind of interesting. Last one is the best one because it’s my favorite.

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End and Beginning

Is anyone really surprised about this little bombshell? That’s right, The Neighbors are moving. While the most you probably assume it was the triple swarm episode of last spring (ahem, my legal representation insists I restate that not one person … Continue reading

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Spring or something like it…

What a beautiful sunny day! Still a bit nippy but the sun is so strong now that it’s warm if you’re not standing in the wind. There are all sorts of spring-like events popping up around here despite a slow … Continue reading

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Fall Beekeeping

The bees survived the end-of-summer beekeeping and are just about ready for winter. It was a pretty good year considering how hot and dry the summer of 2010 was in the northeast. These are city bees and I have an … Continue reading

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End of Summer Beekeeping

Today’s the day we pull the honey supers off the hive. It’s late in the season but it’s been such a warm, beautiful fall and I’ve been watching them bring in so much pollen in the past three weeks. I’ve … Continue reading

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It’s all in the header

Here are a few things I’m stewing on in no particular order: Pitchers and catchers report today. It’s my true sign that spring is coming and the baseball part of my brain is sharpening up for what looks to be … Continue reading

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Thinking of bees and spring

It’s getting to the heart of winter for me with the coldest days, hard winds. Although the sun is bright and days are getting longer, these are the days I could hunker down under blankets only to emerge when there’s … Continue reading

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“The Beekeeper’s Year Suggested Schedule for Northern Areas” taken from W T Maxant poster, 1981

“January-February Study and Workshop Time, Beekeeping Classes Time Catch up on “bee reading”, nail up frames, clean, paint, get supers filled and ready. Take a beekeeping class and/or join a local beekeeping club. March Looking Time On any warm flyable … Continue reading

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