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Well This is Interesting.

My blog is blowing up. I mean it, it is exploding with views, and I have absolutely no idea why. This is, sadly, a very beloved, but a neglected blog. I started it, I think, in 2007. I had no … Continue reading

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Tiny Bikes Go Magical Places

Well, everyone could have predicted this, but here it is anyway:    I finally got my grubby hands on a Brompton bicycle! Yes, it was at great personal sacrifice to my bike fleet. A couple of dear favorites ended up … Continue reading

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Bianchi Mini Velo Bicycle

I have a new obsession. This is a Bianchi Mini Velo. They are smaller than regular road bikes but have the same ergonomic geometry to feel almost similar to a full sized road bike. The purpose of these bikes are … Continue reading

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There is a limit to a very good thing….

I didn’t think I could ever find a bike I couldn’t love. And if you ever told me there was something that combined running and biking equally, I think I would kiss you right on the mouth. That was until … Continue reading

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My Adventurous Bike Ride in 11 Tweets

MY ADVENTUROUS BIKE RIDE by E. F. Sweetman ‏@EFSweetman Chapter 1 A quick bike ride after the ball game with the unexpected eye-candy of naked (and drunk) guy lying at the end of Washington Street Chapter 2 “Dude! Put on … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Bike Ride

It’s not a 3 umbrella kind of rainy day so there’s no reason to be stuck inside, watching re-runs of BONES on Netflicks…unless you love Special Agent Seely Booth…yes, I do love Special Agent Seely Booth….OK! Anyway! Back the the … Continue reading

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Sculptures and Stone Walls

Ironic, just as most everyone’s summer came to an end, I went on vacation. Two fabulous, relaxing weeks at…home. Don’t say it! Mashed up words like Staycation kind of take the shine off my good time. Anyway, I wasn’t able … Continue reading

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The Spring That Never Was: 2011

It is the unknownth grey and cold day. My fingers are freezing and I have a sweater on. I don’t believe the number or the month on the calendar and I feel like I’ve been in some kind of coma … Continue reading

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Departmental Updates

What a sad time for this blog! Such infrequent posts that I’ve resorted to departmental updates, much like the tortuous monthly work meetings that make you want to request at least three hours of your life back. Go grab a … Continue reading

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My Epiphany

The Team Captain forwarded me this Craigslist link: Pair of rusty 3-speeds for 20 bucks. Mi Cap-i-tain knows me well and I’d like to thank him for his kindness in not mentioning my lack of team spirit this past winter. … Continue reading

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