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The Whistler

I am confounded by social media. There are days I swear I’ll delete my FaceBook account and transform that wasted time into a productive hobby such as a search for a cure for dropsy or bilious fever. I am afraid … Continue reading

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If there could be a best Christmas memory…

Of all the things that need doing right now, writing this takes priority over wrapping, cleaning, baking, sifting through the garbage to find my niece’s misplaced gift card… Christmas has become so much of what has to be done: shop, shop, … Continue reading

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Cozy, cozy quarters

Life has settled in the smaller dwelling. We certainly have adjusted to…cozier accommodations and less space. The rapid shift from a big space to a compact one is still an overall relief, although some of the subtle logistics of the … Continue reading

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The 3 D’s of The Big, Huge, Enormous…etc. part deux

Desire, Discipline and Determination. The Three D’s of Success according to somebody who likes to put large groups of people in conference halls to motivate them to reach life goals. Last summer I channeled those three intentions  to galvanize the … Continue reading

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The Big, Huge, Enormous, Gargantuan and Mighty Downsize

My darling husband and I have embarked on quite possibly the most daunting and challenging mission of our nearly quarter-century together. We are selling our house. I admit that I am the galvanizing force in this adventure. I have been … Continue reading

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My Early College Memoirs…

Thirty years ago I was at college. It was a fun four years because I made great friends, enjoyed a painless course load and found my absolute favorite job in the world after I graduated: picture framing. I wasn’t really … Continue reading

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There is a limit to a very good thing….

I didn’t think I could ever find a bike I couldn’t love. And if you ever told me there was something that combined running and biking equally, I think I would kiss you right on the mouth. That was until … Continue reading

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Beekeeping Again

Wow! A second sunny beautiful day in June! That is supposed to be the norm but this June was more like April with many cold days of rain, mist or fog. Another weird weather spring happened upon us: March was … Continue reading

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My Adventurous Bike Ride in 11 Tweets

MY ADVENTUROUS BIKE RIDE by E. F. Sweetman ‏@EFSweetman Chapter 1 A quick bike ride after the ball game with the unexpected eye-candy of naked (and drunk) guy lying at the end of Washington Street Chapter 2 “Dude! Put on … Continue reading

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What is that SMELL!

Have you gotten a whiff of something and asked, “Do you smell a skunk?” Silly, rhetorical, I know but it’s a question I’d love to ask right now. I’d put out some hard cash, maybe even a solid gold bar … Continue reading

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