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1981 Porsche

Your roared up the driveway, as usual, your car announcing it’s presence long before it was seen. I could have heard it when you passed the library, or even as it idled at the intersection nearly a quarter-mile away if I were really listening for it. And I was, as usual. You had driven your car with a hole in it’s muffler for over a month, and seemed to enjoy the attention it brought you. It perpetuated your image of an edgey,fringey, cool guy who always had money for a ball game, a concert or spur-of-the-moment road trip, but never enough to keep a car running well just before the point of breaking down. Continue reading

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“Cake” by Sweetman

Cake The groom was a wonderful groom. Standing straight and tall next to his lovely bride, he was masculinity personified. He declared his vows, repeating clearly in a strong, deep voice that he would love, honor and cherish her all … Continue reading

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“The Beekeeper’s Year Suggested Schedule for Northern Areas” taken from W T Maxant poster, 1981

“January-February Study and Workshop Time, Beekeeping Classes Time Catch up on “bee reading”, nail up frames, clean, paint, get supers filled and ready. Take a beekeeping class and/or join a local beekeeping club. March Looking Time On any warm flyable … Continue reading

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Two bad dogs

We have this horrid little terrier. Actually we have two and they are both pretty bad but for completely different reasons. So it’s safe to say we have a horrid little terrier and you could put either under that same … Continue reading

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Another writer’s beginning

Unfortunately I lost the best voice of reason and guide for my writing when I was twelve. Continue reading

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My latest 6 word novel dedicated to Myles who traded his “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” for 25 Guatamalian dollars

My six word novel regarding the shady book deal; a cautionary tale: Book trade begets Myles wimpy money.

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Getting over it takes a lifetime

I was young when I married. Not too young to marry but I was certainly a young bride. I was far too young to be involved with my first husband when we began. Sound like “Twilight”? Continue reading

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Christmas Letter, really???

I wrote our first Christmas letter last night. Really. Christmas cards are looming large on the horizon and I want to let those we send yearly cards know a little more than warm wishes. Christmas newsletters are loaded cannons in … Continue reading

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“Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Vol. 1” by Julia Child reviewed by Sweetman

Even as a kid, I knew I’d never cook the way Julia Child did. Continue reading

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My Six Word Tell-All Novel about Tiger Woods

Filthy hound, where haven’t you been?

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