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Red Sox, Tinkerbell, Uggs, Pajama Bottoms and the end of the season–all together??

grrrrrrr…rrrgggggh….mumble, mummmmmble…. Yeah, whatever, eight games back from the Yankees…six and a half behind Tampa Bay with ten games left. It’s not over yet but really, it’s over. It was a season of great expectations dashed by injuries and poor … Continue reading

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Two reasons I’m afraid of Whitey Bulger

Am I really afraid of Whitey Bulger? I’m not connected in any way with organized crime, corruption or any of the various aspects that go along with the seedy underbelly of life. I have no reason to be checking over … Continue reading

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My Tribute to The Idiot

It’s been over a week since I’ve pondered, ranted or observed anything here–my lack of contribution makes me feel as though something has been amiss but I haven’t been inspired or inspiring lately so the poor blog has been neglected… … Continue reading

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