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Life’s Little Lessons During the Brief Hiatus

Well my goodness, who knew time would fly this quickly? Not me, that’s for certain but the facts must be boldly stated: I’ve been away from my blog for nearly two months. Two months that are typically the bleak months … Continue reading

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The Rare October Snow Storm of 2011

We are digging out of about 5 inches of wet, heavy snow to make a path for the Trick-or-Treaters tomorrow night. It’s a rare October snow storm and we escaped the worst of it; central and western Massachusetts are buried … Continue reading

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The Spring That Never Was: 2011

It is the unknownth grey and cold day. My fingers are freezing and I have a sweater on. I don’t believe the number or the month on the calendar and I feel like I’ve been in some kind of coma … Continue reading

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Spring or something like it…

What a beautiful sunny day! Still a bit nippy but the sun is so strong now that it’s warm if you’re not standing in the wind. There are all sorts of spring-like events popping up around here despite a slow … Continue reading

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Pictures of a Brief Winter Thaw on a Cold Day

Yerrrrgh. It’s cold, really cold. A bit of snow earlier this morning, now bitter temperatures. Will this winter ever end?! Well of course it will! We all know that! There was a hint of it last week: a breather of … Continue reading

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It’s the little things

I’m back. After nearly a month of silence, I’m back to this beloved blog. It wasn’t a planned hiatus, it was the little things that became bigger things and I hit a writer’s block the size of Montana. Shortly after … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! L Street Brownie Style

Happy New Year! 1-1-11 was warm and sunny. What better way to begin the new year than a dive into the Atlantic with over a thousand of my like-minded friends? Some went from the party to the beach before stumbling … Continue reading

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Today I Am A Static Queen

It’s that time of year: the temperature drops to below freezing and the humidity level is about 4. I pull on sweater and hear that snapping sound as it goes over my head–and there I am: The Static Queen Things … Continue reading

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It’s all in the header

Here are a few things I’m stewing on in no particular order: Pitchers and catchers report today. It’s my true sign that spring is coming and the baseball part of my brain is sharpening up for what looks to be … Continue reading

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I would have been a terrible Arctic explorer. I’d have been the first to perish, I’m certain. I probably would have become useless to my team and my mood would have encouraged them leave me on an ice floe. Continue reading

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