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Don’t Panic Earthlings

I am way out of line here, and I’ll pay for this later. Really pay. But I’m like most of you earthlings-with your priorities so out of whack that it’s a wonder how you survive each day. Like you, I … Continue reading

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The Quirk House

The Quirk House We heard about it from the tough kids who loved to terrorize us with horror stories. Back in the 1930‘s they had a baby every year or so but no one ever saw any baby after it … Continue reading

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Whitey the Ratface and galpal are off the Lam and Going to the Slam (hopefully).

Whitey Bulger, FBI’s Most Wanted, has been captured. All the speculation about where he could be, what he’s been doing and how he’s been living has come to a thudding halt as the world learns he’s been living a comfortable, … Continue reading

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