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Silence, silence, silence.

I have been in the most colassal road blocks of all writing road blocks. It’s unbelievable. I look at my keyboard, and all its beautiful little letters and just…can’t do it. I’m blocked. Totally blocked. It is inconceivable because I … Continue reading

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The Whistler

I am confounded by social media. There are days I swear I’ll delete my FaceBook account and transform that wasted time into a productive hobby such as a search for a cure for dropsy or bilious fever. I am afraid … Continue reading

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If there could be a best Christmas memory…

Of all the things that need doing right now, writing this takes priority over wrapping, cleaning, baking, sifting through the garbage to find my niece’s misplaced gift card… Christmas has become so much of what has to be done: shop, shop, … Continue reading

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The Quirk House

The Quirk House We heard about it from the tough kids who loved to terrorize us with horror stories. Back in the 1930‘s they had a baby every year or so but no one ever saw any baby after it … Continue reading

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The Scream Theme is SKULLS

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? I have to admit, it really caught me unaware and totally unprepared. It seems like just yesterday I was writing about…HALLOWEEN!!!!! Having the very good fortune of living close to but … Continue reading

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Awkward! Awkward!

I’m 48 so it’s safe to say I might be half way though my time on this planet and I’ve been wondering something since I was about eight or ten. When am I going to become sophisticated? Grace, maturity, elegance, … Continue reading

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Soul Mining

“Well, you didn’t wake up this morning cause you didn’t go to bed You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red” It’s been a slow rise here. Winter hasn’t relented and I’ve inextricably tied the impervious arctic cold … Continue reading

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Well this is awkward!

This is a true story. Walking along the ocean on a summer day, I nearly walked into a woman who worked where I work but in a different department. I hadn’t seen her for a while and recollected that I … Continue reading

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1981 Porsche

Your roared up the driveway, as usual, your car announcing it’s presence long before it was seen. I could have heard it when you passed the library, or even as it idled at the intersection nearly a quarter-mile away if I were really listening for it. And I was, as usual. You had driven your car with a hole in it’s muffler for over a month, and seemed to enjoy the attention it brought you. It perpetuated your image of an edgey,fringey, cool guy who always had money for a ball game, a concert or spur-of-the-moment road trip, but never enough to keep a car running well just before the point of breaking down. Continue reading

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