Happy Halloween! Salem style


Halloween Witch

Yes I do love Halloween. It’s such a great day and so far, the PC thugs haven’t yet figured out a way to inclusively suck all the fun out of it by lobbying to change it to something non-offending and universally bland.
I did not know it was an Official Work Holiday for Wiccans until this year–almost makes me want to turn into a witch to have a whole day of fun for myself…hey! No snide remarks about me already being a witch or I will HEX you!

Mr. B and I roamed around the Salem Haunted Happenings last night and what a blast we had! It was like a Walking Dead Mardi Gras! A real party atmosphere with some terrific, clever costumes. I’ll hazard a guess that the best costumes didn’t come from Halloween Headquarters. Here’s a bit of the madness and mayhem we enjoyed.

Salem Power Plant

Downtown parking: expensive and non-existant unless you count the hours you sat in traffic looking for parking so we parked near the Salem Power Plant. A pretty sight at night if you don’t think of the irony of a coal-burning plant on a scenic waterfront.

Salem Mounted Police

The Mounted Police kept the rowdiness in control. The stood shoulder-to-shoulder in pairs at various spots in the crowds.
Here are some of the most interesting characters we were able to get photos of:

Glitter Man

Family Guy’s Quagmire’s head said “Giggity, giggity, giggity!” His date didn’t say anything.

Family Guy's Quagmire

The Devil and His Vixen

People in costumes loved to stop and have their picture taken.
This is what the back of a ghoul looks like. Funny, it’s usually the ghoul looking at the back of YOU as you run for your life!

Behind the ghoul

The Mud Witch on a Pedestal will move and cackle if you give her a dollar…Hey! I thought Witches got the day off on Halloween!

Mud Witch

Now you know, ghouls and zombies communicate via texts. So much for telepathic thinking!

Texting ghoul

Bloody Gladiator really needed Nurse Sweetman’s help but Mr. B would have none of that.

Bloody Gladiator

A shot of the crowd, this is just a small part of the huge gathering thoughout the downtown area.

A bit of the crowd on 30th October in Salem Massachusetts

Blue Man looks a little wrung-out. What’s the matter Blue Man? Rough night?

Blue Man

Zombie Ghoul and his Witch. Such a sweet couple…and they’re expecting! Although no one is really sure what to expect.

Zombie Ghoul and his Witch

Pirate Couple with Vampiress/Marilyn Manson

Green Head Ghoul

We were pretty sure this guy was a Captain America gone horribly wrong. He seemed to be sending a message about evil garbage or nuclear waste so we figured he suffered some sort of serious nuclear core melt-down accident.

Captain America after the core melt-down

Murdered Marie Antoinette

Pumpkinhead Man

We were just happy to walk around and take in the sights. There were lines for the Salem Witch Museum, the Witch Dungeon and the Nightmare Gallery that were several blocks long. Standing in a line that long wasn’t my idea of a fun time at Haunted Happenings.

Line for the Nightmare Gallery

There was a line to stand with the Ghoul which Mr. B would have been happy to stand in. Actually, he would have been happier to be the ghoul.

Mr. B thought he might dress up like a ghoul

Young boy escapes certain death after encounter with ghoul!

The local Hooters closed early so some of the gals went out to enjoy the fun.

Hooters girls

That’s just a fraction of the madness and mayhem of Haunted Happenings in Salem.

Happy Halloween!

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7 Responses to Happy Halloween! Salem style

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Hands down…the two old ladies win! No contest! so….you’re really NOT a witch? (scratches witch notation off of pad next to Bee’s name…)…..Alrighty then…..

    • sweetman says:

      Ahh, you thought I was a witch, my dear Idiot…tell me, how will you explain the horn growing out of the middle of your forehead? Perhaps you will think better thoughts of your good friend Sweetman….

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    “I’m a loner Lizzy… a loner! ” (Cue: Tequila music)

  3. thiszine says:

    OMG, what fun! Everyone in DC dresses up as political figures (boring) – someday, I will have to make it to Salem for my favorite holiday! –Lacey

    • sweetman says:

      That is the funniest thing, dressing up like a politician–it’s like me dressing up as a nurse when I go to work on Halloween. Yes, come for the madness–we’ll go look for the gladiator together!

  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    OK Lizmeister!! Did you ever see the movie “Inglorious Basterds”? If so, do you remember the scene where the German soldier had to listen and look towards the dark tunnel where all you could hear was a baseball continously hitting the walls…growing louder…and closer…and louder…and closer…… Well, that is me. With blogging bat in hand….comin your way because you once again….AGAIN…are slacking off on your blogging duties! Those IV pushes can wait! The Charting can wait! A few extra hours wait for the Digitoxin will not kill most people, …..bottom line….. don’t make me come up there!!! Have a lovely day! 🙂

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