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Today, December 4th, is a National Something Day.

Well what do you know, every day is a national day of some sort.  Take today, December 4th. Most people might have it marked as a count down day to Hanukkah, Christmas, or the New Year.  But no,December 4th is … Continue reading

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2014 New Year’s Resolution? All Set!

Ahh, winding down on the close of the old year. Christmas is done and now is the time to look to the future. Resolutions and good intentions were my thoughts as I plunked myself in front of my computer. Lucky … Continue reading

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Over Attached and Monsterous

All right, somebody has to say it and it’s going to be me. This is ridiculous: Here’s a little glimpse of Attachment Parenting. In case you don’t really understand, she’s Mom Enough and the rest of us schlubs are just … Continue reading

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Color themed photos!

Color themed photos! Perusing through my year in pictures, some of the photos caught my eye because they are monochrome, which I thought made them kind of interesting. Last one is the best one because it’s my favorite.

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Beneath All the Hair–The Reality Hits Home

Thanksgiving 2011 was a great success. It was a terrific dinner thanks to Mr. B and our delightful guests who brought amazing dishes and a lot of fun. Overall, a perfect Thanksgiving gathering. Luckily Honey’s skunky smell didn’t take away … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving to All

Travel safe, eat well and enjoy those you love, near and far. Happy Thanksgiving. and to a lesser degree, these two…

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The Rare October Snow Storm of 2011

We are digging out of about 5 inches of wet, heavy snow to make a path for the Trick-or-Treaters tomorrow night. It’s a rare October snow storm and we escaped the worst of it; central and western Massachusetts are buried … Continue reading

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End and Beginning

Is anyone really surprised about this little bombshell? That’s right, The Neighbors are moving. While the most you probably assume it was the triple swarm episode of last spring (ahem, my legal representation insists I restate that not one person … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Bike Ride

It’s not a 3 umbrella kind of rainy day so there’s no reason to be stuck inside, watching re-runs of BONES on Netflicks…unless you love Special Agent Seely Booth…yes, I do love Special Agent Seely Booth….OK! Anyway! Back the the … Continue reading

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Pictures of a Brief Winter Thaw on a Cold Day

Yerrrrgh. It’s cold, really cold. A bit of snow earlier this morning, now bitter temperatures. Will this winter ever end?! Well of course it will! We all know that! There was a hint of it last week: a breather of … Continue reading

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