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End of the Season, End of an Era

It’s unofficially official. The predicted and expected outcome of the meeting between upper management and Terry Francona will result in the firing of Terry Francona. This will end both a marvelous and frustrating eight year tenure (2004-2011) that concluded in … Continue reading

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One hundred and sixty two and it’s down to the Last Game

“Is your heart going to be able to handle tonight’s game?” Good question. After 161 games of baseball, a dismal start (2-12), an unbelievable June through August and a nine game lead in the Wild Card race to start September, … Continue reading

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End and Beginning

Is anyone really surprised about this little bombshell? That’s right, The Neighbors are moving. While the most you probably assume it was the triple swarm episode of last spring (ahem, my legal representation insists I restate that not one person … Continue reading

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Just Friends

Here are Ernie and Bert. They have been at our house for a couple of summers, on an extended visit. They arrived with my two nephews in July 2009 and were inadvertently left behind. While they probably miss my nephews, … Continue reading

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Ten Years and Two Days Later

I am deeply moved by this photo and any image of those who responded to the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. I feel the same deep gratitude for soldiers who have gone off to fight the Global War on … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Bike Ride

It’s not a 3 umbrella kind of rainy day so there’s no reason to be stuck inside, watching re-runs of BONES on Netflicks…unless you love Special Agent Seely Booth…yes, I do love Special Agent Seely Booth….OK! Anyway! Back the the … Continue reading

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Steroids + Shopping = Very Bad Results

My summer vacation is winding down and it’s been a great summer. Lots of action and fun. Most of the action has been of the natural disaster variety–really. Since January we’ve had blizzards, flooding, tornadoes, an earth quake and a … Continue reading

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