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There’s an App for that Face

My Million Dollar Idea hit me like a ton of bricks last night while watching the news. I’m composing my letter of resignation after I send this brilliant scheme to apple and Microsoft. My hope is that they’ll start trying … Continue reading

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Dismantling the Season

The fury of the season is over for this happy domicile. After working most of the days on or around the holidays, on my first day off after the weekend, I started the monumental and incredibly complicated task of putting … Continue reading

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Today I Am a Brady Lady

Dear Tom, I finally love you after jumping on the Patriots fair-weather-fan-wagon last night. You were amazing, you really smeared the Jets face in it and dominated the game. Congratulations! Now, here’s what you don’t have to worry about: 1. … Continue reading

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Miller High Life!

I am not a Miller High Life drinker, not even a beer drinker anymore but this is my favorite commercial for so many reasons. Great message, a regular joe on a bicycle–not a thread of lycra around and not a … Continue reading

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It’s Coin-Toss Friday!

Good morning, good morning. Kind of tough to get going around here, such a damp and chilly day! Very difficult to catapult my sorry self out of bed and it’s even more pathetic to type with a swollen bee-stung hand. … Continue reading

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More on Men: Fashion forays–into womens clothes

I love men. I am crazy about them from the time they are babies until a fairly advanced age. Not wild about old men…any way, here’s another observation into the world of men–specifically men’s fashion Continue reading

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