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Sculptures and Stone Walls

Ironic, just as most everyone’s summer came to an end, I went on vacation. Two fabulous, relaxing weeks at…home. Don’t say it! Mashed up words like Staycation kind of take the shine off my good time. Anyway, I wasn’t able … Continue reading

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Awkward! Awkward!

I’m 48 so it’s safe to say I might be half way though my time on this planet and I’ve been wondering something since I was about eight or ten. When am I going to become sophisticated? Grace, maturity, elegance, … Continue reading

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And how is your summer going so far?

Well hello! Yes, I know it’s been a while! How’s it going? Everything good? Having a nice summer? Oh, I know, it’s been beautiful, almost makes you forget about the economy, right? I mean you can’t buy a day like … Continue reading

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