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Braggy-Braggy-Brag-Bragging Rights

I just wanted to end Shark Week with a nice photo to thank them for another thrilling week which reduces average citizens into such a state of terror of the ocean that countless will not venture in further than the … Continue reading

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Holy Flying Rodent! It’s a Bat Update!

My television obsession ended abruptly on the final night of Shark Week. I actually didn’t get a chance to watch the last episodes although I had every intention of hunkering down for a good 3 hours. My plans fell awry … Continue reading

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Maniacal Ranting from a TV Hound

This is definitely coming from an alarming lack of sleep thanks to Shark Week. Last night’s episode, Shark Bite Beach was really unnerving, even for someone like me who professes to love* sharks. My older son (who hasn’t been watching … Continue reading

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