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Soul Mining

“Well, you didn’t wake up this morning cause you didn’t go to bed You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red” It’s been a slow rise here. Winter hasn’t relented and I’ve inextricably tied the impervious arctic cold … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Wrap Up

This trend of weekly wrap-ups is a bit of a bad habit so please accept my apologies for the lackadaisical writing. My lame excuses are…Thanksgiving and…well that’s what it will be this week. Seriously, part of being a nurse is … Continue reading

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The Style of Speech

Remember that phase, oh it must have been more than a few years ago? When every statement, fact or observation? Ended in a question? It was so amazing? Because even if you were sitting in a seminar? Bombarded with facts? … Continue reading

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I got nuthin’ man, just outta gas.

Two days out of a stretch at work and I am still dragging around. I can barely string together two words that are civil and make sense. What the hell? The epic rain did nothing to help me raise this … Continue reading

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