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The Big, Huge, Enormous, Gargantuan and Mighty Downsize

My darling husband and I have embarked on quite possibly the most daunting and challenging mission of our nearly quarter-century together. We are selling our house. I admit that I am the galvanizing force in this adventure. I have been … Continue reading

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Beekeeping Again

Wow! A second sunny beautiful day in June! That is supposed to be the norm but this June was more like April with many cold days of rain, mist or fog. Another weird weather spring happened upon us: March was … Continue reading

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The Spring That Never Was: 2011

It is the unknownth grey and cold day. My fingers are freezing and I have a sweater on. I don’t believe the number or the month on the calendar and I feel like I’ve been in some kind of coma … Continue reading

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Baseball, bees and bad dogs

Things couldn’t get any better at this moment: the Red Sox are on the radio while I type at the kitchen table and they aren’t losing. Youngest son is doing his math homework right next to me (I am so … Continue reading

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Spring or something like it…

What a beautiful sunny day! Still a bit nippy but the sun is so strong now that it’s warm if you’re not standing in the wind. There are all sorts of spring-like events popping up around here despite a slow … Continue reading

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30 Days of Biking

I am up for the challenge of 30 days of biking for the month of April. It’s my only wish that I had 30 bikes–one for each day. Clearly the lack of epic rain along with sunshine galvanized me out … Continue reading

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Triumph and Armstrong ride to secret places in Salem

Beautiful weather continued on Saturday which was perfect for a ride acrosss the Salem-Beverly Bridge to show my youngest son some of my favorite places in Salem. My son rode a sweet new-to-me Triumph three-speed. I couldn’t pass this one … Continue reading

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What Price Do We Pay For This Gorgeous Weather?

Spring is here. Well, tentative spring. We of the Northeast should not leap blindly into this balmy weather. It’s must be a cautious embrace, the fickle favors of weather can turn and flog us for our innocent joyful rocking out … Continue reading

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