Bianchi Mini Velo Bicycle

I have a new obsession.



This is a Bianchi Mini Velo. They are smaller than regular road bikes but have the same ergonomic geometry to feel almost similar to a full sized road bike.

The purpose of these bikes are to save room, easier portability and storage when you are not riding.



You know, I have no idea how I happened upon this bicycle…I think I was looking at folding bikes and this caught my eye.

Must have this...

Must have this…

Now I can’t think of anything else. You see, I had a folding bike but sold it because the whole folding/opening/weight/wear&tear on the bike made it less useful in its functionality for me. But I miss my folding bike. And now have a reason to ride a smaller bike/folding bike to work.

I will not sleep until you are mine.

I will not sleep until you are mine.

And now, nothing will do until I can find a Bianchi Mini Velo. Sadly, they are mainly sold in Japan, where space is obviously at a premium.

Thus begins my campaign to bring these beautiful bicycles to America.

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7 Responses to Bianchi Mini Velo Bicycle

  1. flyboy2160 says:

    Yes! That is the best looking rigid frame mini velo; I understand the “must have that beautiful thing” syndrome. *******sigh****** When I couldn’t figure out how to import one of the awesome full suspension mini velos from Japan, I decided to build my own – not finished yet. Flyboy 2160

  2. Reynolds 4130 says:

    I like the new respect cycles mini Velo and the kuwahara mountain bike minivelos

    • EF Sweetman says:

      I wish they would come to America.

    • flyboy2160 says:

      You pay your money and take your choice, but aside from the price, but I’m leery of the location of the single pivot. Physics and my test rides led me to conclude that you want the chain tension line to run through the pivot of a single pivot design. Several bike manufactures tout this design – and I vaguely recall a reference to a Shimano patent on something similar. But if you like it, go for it.

  3. flyboy2160 says:

    EF, I couldn’t figure out how to post a picture here, so here’s a link to my bike on bikeforums.

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