A little of Summer 2013

My goodness, where did this summer go? The last time I wrote for this poor, neglected blog, it was cold and damp and we were living in the basement. Now it is balmy with a soft breeze. The Red Sox are on the radio and there is a constant chirp of crickets. Living above ground really has its perks.

Yes, we are really out of the basement. There have been a few ironies in this beleaguered and protracted move I keep dwelling upon–like it’s the greatest accomplishment of my life–which I think it might be (my novel is still only 2/3 finished). I admit now that I was a tad overzealous in the downsizing. I think I overestimated the delta between what we had vs. what we needed and in that frenzy of trying to minimize I overdid it. Slightly. As in our living room is empty. That’s not an overstatement.

I am totally fine with an empty living room. It is a little like having a private yoga studio if I actually got in there and did some yoga. I have no doubt it will be furnished soon and I will dedicate four entries to how I pine for some empty space.

The bees had a busy summer. They swarmed at least twice which means ZERO honey for this year because all the honey production stops with a swarm for two weeks (the time it takes to establish a new queen). Two swarms means four weeks of no honey production. I am feeding them sugar water to help them build up their winter stores so they can hopefully last through the winter.

The bees did, however, travel. Our fair city decided to spray mosquitos in July due to the confirmed presence of West Nile Virus. The mosquito spraying is minimally effective against mosquitos and devastating to honey bees. I know this because we lost our hive last fall after they did a late mosquito spraying. It is shattering–one day your bees are flying in and out of the hive, the next day there are thousands of dead bees on the bottom board. My parents graciously took our hive into their back yard. I think they were a little nervous at first–two people over seventy who have never really been around bees before suddenly had a busy hive in their back yard–I do admire their bravery. It went well, the bees behaved and they actually enjoyed watching them throughout the day. We picked them up a few nights ago. I called my mother to thank her again and she said, “There were about five or six stragglers flying around today. Do you think they’ll be all right?Should I put anything out there for them?” Now you know where I get this devotion.

The Red Sox are doing so much better than expected after the dismal season of 2012. They are playing well and have an unprecedented thirty come-from-behind wins this season–a season many believed they’d be lucky to win 30 games. I had the good fortune to be at the August 2nd game in terrific seats with wonderful friends. It was a mini high school reunion: the four of us hadn’t been together since 1981 so it didn’t matter a great deal that the Red Sox were losing by 5 runs going into the 8th inning. What made a wonderful time and absolutely unbelievable night was the 9th inning. Hit after hit, smart base running and one true believer who said, “You know, they could win this.” It was the best game I’ve ever been to. Reconnecting with great friends after thirty years made it amazing.

Our youngest son Charlie traveled to China for nearly a month as part of a student ambassador program. I missed him terribly but the time did fly by, especially when my beloved and I took a vacation to Prague–which I will write about in another post–hopefully before I turn 60.


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3 Responses to A little of Summer 2013

  1. Wow Liz, Sounds Like You Had a Very Busy SUMMER, Can’t Believe CHARLIE Is DRIVING And TRAVEING TO CHINA, I Remember When He Came To WORK WITH You A Few Times He Was So SMALL, We Talked ABOUT SPONGE BOB, AND MARIO BROTHERS, I Miss Seeing You But Glad I Can Stay INTOUCH With You This Way.. Enjoy The Rest Of Your SUMMER LUV YOUR FRIEND LOUISE….

  2. I’m feeling very hopeful for the Sox. We were at the 15-inning game vs the Mariners last month–good stuff!

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