Cozy, cozy quarters

Life has settled in the smaller dwelling. We certainly have adjusted to…cozier accommodations and less space. The rapid shift from a big space to a compact one is still an overall relief, although some of the subtle logistics of the move endure.

We decided to paint and re-sand the wood floors before moving in. No better time than when the apartment is empty, right? I mean why move everything out from where it’s stored only to pile it up or cover it with drop cloths and sawdust? And that is why we are enjoying month two of life as the Cellar Dwellers.

It’s still an adventure. Yes, there is quite a bit of, “I have no idea where that could be” in reference to the can opener and/or the set of keys to the garage because everything is so artfully stored away. I’ve learned to cook with just two pots–on the rare occasion that we eat in. I really miss our wall calendar because we all used to write what we were all up to and somehow the phone calendar just isn’t a good replacement. Still life goes on.


Living room/bedroom/kitchen.

As you can see, it’s really quite nice and livable (I admit I cleaned up for this picture). You might notice that there’s a dog on the back of the couch and you might even wonder what she’s looking at. Look again; she’s invading our bedroom space–with absolutely no respect for my reading time or the imaginary walls!

Honey invading our bedroom space by hanging on the Living Room wall

Honey invading our bedroom space by hanging on the Living Room wall

That’s the other side of the dog from my perspective. Let me just remind you, it is very cozy.

I believe both dogs adjusted to all this beautifully. They are, in fact, in dog heaven as they are, in fact, the Center of the Universe and get walked about four times a day. They are into everything because their universe magically adjusted to the perfect size for two spoiled terriers.

Artie helping Charlie with homework

Artie helping Charlie with homework–again no respect for imaginary walls!

The new plan for returning to the earth’s bright surface is a week…or two…hopefully…

More has happened besides contemplating our smaller living space. The bees moved to the new back yard with us. The neighbors like them or don’t care. They have been doing their bee-thing in muggy, rainy weather : Swarm. Living through a few swarms over the years has made me a little less paranoid although it is unnerving to know that our bees have congregated in someone else’s tree. Which is exactly what they are doing as I write.

I heard the loud buzzing and looked out to see the back yard to see it FULL of flying bees. They took off for the neighbors tree. Evidently the six trees surrounding our the yard are boring and there’s nothing like hanging 50 feet off the ground over the neighbor’s roof. We set up an empty hive with comb and honey to entice them. Unfortunately the weather forecast for the next week is full of wind and thunderstorms and if they don’t find the empty hive, they are goners. That’s the exact term Vinnie the Beekeeper used when I called to find out what I should do.

I want to save them but can’t risk breaking my neck in a 50 foot fall, not even for bees.

Bee Hive after the swarm.

Bee Hive after the swarm.

Charlie, our youngest son just left for a month in China. It is exciting but hard. The painful reality of how fast he’s growing up is upon me. He’s driving (learner’s permit–white knuckle mother cracking walnuts in her jaw to keep from screeching in the passenger seat), finished his sophomore year of high school and is now off to China. It is such a good thing but takes my breath away when I think how fast it is happening. With our parental blessings and the leap of faith that he will be safe, learn much, meet good people and come home with knowledge and insights that will make him ready to navigate more of the world and life away from us. I know that’s what life should be but it doesn’t make it any easier to let him go.

Charlie leaving for China

Charlie leaving for China

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1 Response to Cozy, cozy quarters

  1. chlost says:

    Good to hear from you again. So, your child and your bees are off on adventure. You know that all will return in due time.
    Good luck with the transitioning. Challenging, I am sure, but you sound as though you are ready and will love it.

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