There is a limit to a very good thing….

I didn’t think I could ever find a bike I couldn’t love. And if you ever told me there was something that combined running and biking equally, I think I would kiss you right on the mouth. That was until I saw this:

It’s called a FLIZ (ironic, my first name is in the product?) it’s a concept walking bike… or biking walk… or an unholy union that blended the very essence of all dorkiness.

Behold! The FLIZ!

Make way pedestrians and cyclist! The flying FLIZ-master will make you eat his/her dirt as he coasts/runs/capers along the byways, suspended by his nether-region

German concept engineering at it’s finest: Behold the FLIZ!


FLIZ-ing along, catch you on the flip-side, ladies!

There can be too much of a very good thing.

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2 Responses to There is a limit to a very good thing….

  1. chlost says:

    First word which comes to mind is “Why?” The second is “Ouch!”

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