Life’s Little Lessons During the Brief Hiatus

Well my goodness, who knew time would fly this quickly? Not me, that’s for certain but the facts must be boldly stated: I’ve been away from my blog for nearly two months. Two months that are typically the bleak months that have me whining about the cold and the snow so it’s probably something of a blessing that I’ve taken this unplanned hiatus and learned a few interesting things.

Let’s catch-up, shall we? Here’s a brief cavalcade of my mostly real (and some imagined) fond memories of the past two months.

Christmas 2011–banner year because I didn’t work either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Even better because I think I bought myself two presents for every one present I bought for someone else. Don’t ask me how I justified that, I wasn’t on steroids or anything. The two bad dogs had a great Christmas too–many squeak toys littered the living room and despite the lack of snow in the region, our back yard looked like it was full of fluffy white snow on Christmas afternoon thanks to disemboweled new dog toys. Note to self: don’t waste money on squeaky dog toys when dogs have just as much fun with our socks.The harsh realities of overspending landed in our mailbox in mid-January with a very fat credit card bill. My imposed austerity measures make Greece look like they’re living in at a country club.

2012. Happy New Year! And it’s not official without the L Street Brownies Polar Plunge, is it? This is me just after my swim in the freezing Atlantic. What a great way to kick off the New Year!

New Year's Day Polar Swim! Welcome 2012!

The lack of snow has been incredible. The past few years were the coldest and snowiest that I’ve ever remembered therefore it has been delightful to be able hike in the winter without wallowing in snow or stopping because of hypothermia. This was the first winter I’ve hiked for over 6 hours along the ocean and quarry trails in Rockport. Here are two gorgeous photos taken by my friend Mary–they’re just a glimpse of the day. I had no idea there were a chain of quarries in the Rockport woods. Earlier in the day, we saw a seal along the ocean trail. It watched us from about 15 feet away for nearly a minute but neither of us wanted to lose the moment by scrabbling around trying to get the picture.

Rockport Quarry 1/2012

Rockport Quarry-02

I’ve taken a few long bike rides as well which has given me a few insights: 1) I get out of shape pretty quickly when I stop riding my bike for the winter, 2) winter riding is a lonely sport 3) I eat about 3 times more grit in the winter than in the summer.

Mid January 2012: I became obsessed Downton Abbey. Backtracking to last summer when I watched all 7 episodes on Netflicks, I looked forward to the new season. Then I caught a cold and took to the couch and watched all 7 episodes in the two days prior to the start of Season 2. From mid January to the end of this month I have been talking like was one of the Grantham nobility. I commanded my co-workers to either find for me or to be my Lady’s Maid. I walked as though I had a stack of books on my head and made faces like I was chewing on a whole lemon. Then I got a reality slap with this:

My passion for Downton Abbey briefly lead astray my good parental judgement. My youngest son and I ran a brief errand to the mall one afternoon. We found ourselves outside the movie theater in time for the movie “Albert Nobbs”. It wasn’t coincidental, I had just read a review that started with, “If you love Downton Abbey, you’ll like Albert Nobbs“. I read no further and now admit, I planned the timing of our errand. I bribed my son with M&M’s and promises that he’d love it. Then I exposed him to a few of life’s raunchiest lessons. On the big screen. I actually told him to close his eyes during one of the worst parts but…just can’t unring that bell.
My advice is this: don’t rush out to see the movie–it’s terrible. It looks like Glenn Close is attempting to portray a corpse in drag and I didn’t find one similarity to Downton Abbey unless I’m missing parts where poor people have sex every chance they get–have I somehow managed to overlook that????

A little more face powder might help you pull off the corpse look, Ms. Close

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the series but I’m trying to keep my obsessions in better perspective.

Late January 2012: Ski trip to New Hampshire. There’s snow up in North Conway, New Hampshire; we skied at Mt. Cranmore on Saturday and tried x-country at a place called Bear Notch on Sunday, which would have been very peaceful except there were two bad terriers on the trail and a lot of barking.

Liz the Snow Bunny.

Super Bowl XLVI: New Englad fans eat some humble pie and have to listen to Giselle’s opinion on why the Patriots lost–which was actually far worse than losing the game to the Giants.

"Please don't put anymore microphones in front of my wife!"

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2 Responses to Life’s Little Lessons During the Brief Hiatus

  1. chlost says:

    You’ve been so busy, no wonder there’s been no time for blogging. Glad you’ve been able to enjoy the winter. We have had a rather warm and snowless winter here in the midwest as well. I love the idea of seeing a seal while on a walk. I am also hooked on Downton Abbey. Between that and Doc Martin, I could be happy for months.

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