Beneath All the Hair–The Reality Hits Home

Thanksgiving 2011 was a great success. It was a terrific dinner thanks to Mr. B and our delightful guests who brought amazing dishes and a lot of fun. Overall, a perfect Thanksgiving gathering. Luckily Honey’s skunky smell didn’t take away from the meal once she was banished from the dining room.
It was simply unfortunate timing that the skunk deployment on my dog’s face happened around Thanksgiving. I’d like to thank our guests for putting up with the added feature of one ripe little terrier.
After the clean-up, games and loafing around, Mr. B, a man of boundless energy and multiple talents (he made the dinner while I worked) focused his on dealing with the small but potent offender. We arrived at the conclusion that washing her face a few times a day with a Dawn soaked cloth did nothing but refesh and renew the stench. This unusually balmy and humid spell of warm weather hasn’t helped either diffuse the matter either. We were nearly into a full week of living with a skunk infused terrier and decided that desperate times called for desperate measures.

Honey the Scottish Terrier with usual scotty fur

Therefore little miss fat face went from her usual puffy self above to:

Hmmmmm, she's unusual but she doesn't stink

Well the best I can come up with is a strategically shaved rat. Who doesn’t smell like a skunk anymore. Mission accomplished.
Once finished with Honey, my dear husband set his sights on poor Artie who dreads anything to do with clippers, haircuts and my husband. And voila! A short time later Artie the Scottish Terrier went from this:

Why rake when you can just drag a terrier around the yard?

To this!

note the cowering pose, he's been caught at the dishwasher

Both dogs look neater and more presentable and we can certainly breathe better but the haircuts confirmed a suspicion…My dogs are pretty fat.

I wonder why? (Ahem, I know exactly why they’re fat)

So it’s diet time for the dogs. Which is why I’m going to see a lot more of this attitude.

This is what sad, bad, hungry terriers look like. Look away if you can't stand it!


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12 Responses to Beneath All the Hair–The Reality Hits Home

  1. My mother’s dogs get sprayed every few years. Takes about 6 months for their whiskers to quit stinking every time they get a drink.

    • sweetman says:

      I know what you’re talking about. Fortunately, Honey’s haircut diminished the level but it’s still there after she get her face wet! Tell your mom that flashlights at night are a great idea, thanks!

  2. A dog cleaning off plates in the dishwasher…. just when I thought I had seen it all….. and remind me to eat off paper plates in your home when the kid and I visit…… 🙂

  3. They’re so cute–fat & stinky and all!

  4. My dogs think the dishwasher is their version of a fast food joint. I see your dogs to. HAHA

  5. chlost says:

    No matter how many times or how violently I shoo them away, dogs always take every opportunity to pre-clean the dishes.
    My son’s family just had their Havanese clipped. As he described it, there was a lot more left over after the clipping than they realized.
    Your guys are cuties!

    • sweetman says:

      Thanks chlost. I’ve obviously given up on their bad habits–and resorted to photos unless someone else is around. Then I make a grand show of acting shocked and telling them they are very bad. No one buys it.
      A Havanese! More hair than dog, right?
      By the way, I LOVED your guest post!!

  6. Barb says:

    I love the dog attitude about diet. I’ll adopt if for the holidays.

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