The Rare October Snow Storm of 2011

View of Mackerel Cove, Beverly MA after 10/29/11 nor'easter snow storm

We are digging out of about 5 inches of wet, heavy snow to make a path for the Trick-or-Treaters tomorrow night. It’s a rare October snow storm and we escaped the worst of it; central and western Massachusetts are buried beneath 12 to 25 inches of this stuff. No power for over 650,000 residents with a grim promise that some areas will have to wait several days for their service to return.
What a year it’s been for severe, strange weather! Bleak predictions of the apocalypse and global climate change aside (I’m sure you could find that in other blogs if that’s you’re thing) it makes for amazing pictures.

View to ocean from Atlantic Ave

Retreating storm on horizon

This is such an odd occurence that it was greeted with more wonder and marvel than any other first snow storm of the season.

Daisies, mums and ecchinacea

What is more of an anomaly, we’ve had a very warm fall with two days of record-breaking hot temperatures two weeks ago. There are so many trees with green or barely changing leaves which was the reason for so many downed limbs and trees.

Green leaves in October

Climbing green vine on antique lampost

Despite early, accurate and constant weather forecasts about the snow, many were caught unaware.

Lawn chairs

Chained to the street light in the snow--oh the humanity!

And some suffer the injustice waiting for the sun to get the snow off their heads.

Little stone man

Crabby lion with snow on it's face

This unusual October snow made for the most beautiful and interesting images which is why I’m not crabbing and moaning about the injustice of early winter.

Bright red crab apples

House with red door

Bird bath

Red leaves

No worries kids, the Halloween spirit manages to prevail beneath the blanket of snow. The only real concern you should suffer is that I’ll eat all of our candy before you get here and hand out rotten apples or bags of raisins tomorrow night.

Halloween doorway

Snow capped pumpkin lights

Snowy grave yard, ghosts are too cold to come out

I guess I should be completely honest with the kiddos…. You might want to know that this one loves to rise from the dead only on really, really cold Halloweens.

I love scaring the crap out of kids when it's cold!

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7 Responses to The Rare October Snow Storm of 2011

  1. Pete Julier says:

    Enjoyed viewing you’re post. Reminded me how much I miss the northeast-minus the snowstorms of course.

  2. Lisa Wields Words says:

    Thanks for sharing these images. I’m sitting at Barnes and Noble with tons of other folks who are powerless today, but there seems to be a real positive energy in the air (except for the panicked voice of the staff person who keeps saying the internet is down, funny its working fine for me). Halloween should be interesting tomorrow, with no power. Spooky.

    • sweetman says:

      Thank you; I hope you get your power back soon! Poor panicked staffer–“The Internet is down!” Horrors for those who have to READ in a bookstore! Stay warm Lisa!

      • Lisa Wields Words says:

        LOL. I know, the horrors of actually having to open up books.

        Looks like we will be power for a while. They cancelled school tomorrow. I’m just trying to figure out how that will affect trick or treating tomorrow night. I can’t disappoint Snoopy (Sarah)

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