Rainy Day Bike Ride

This is a Three Umbrella Bicycle

It’s not a 3 umbrella kind of rainy day so there’s no reason to be stuck inside, watching re-runs of BONES on Netflicks…unless you love Special Agent Seely Booth…yes, I do love Special Agent Seely Booth….OK! Anyway! Back the the bike ride!

A cool misty day can still be a great day for a bike ride if 1. you aren’t afraid to get wet and 2. you have the right bike.
The right bike is one that has brakes that STOP the bike when the wheels are wet wet so test them before you actually need them. Ideally it also has fenders to keep some of the road dirt off your legs and back–you’ll still end up wearing some grit but fenders save you from being covered head-to-toe in filth. You’ll also save yourself the humiliation of the “road ass-stripe”. You don’t know what that is? Ride without fenders in the rain or through puddles and you’ll quickly find out. I’ve had it and I’m not showing you the picture.
Lights are also a good idea. Cars don’t expect bicycle riders in the rain and wet roads may be slippery. Better to be seen from a distance than as a surprise obstacle in front of a distracted driver.

My rainy day ride took me through city streets today because it was windy and much cooler along the coast. Fortunately there were plenty of beautiful spots for photos. The rain keeps most people inside so I enjoyed a sense of peacefulness that I haven’t experienced since early spring.

Empty benches and picnic tables

The city parks were quiet except for a couple of dog walkers. The fog and rain enveloped the park in a tranquility that felt like a deep breath after the bustle of the busy summer.

More empty park benches

It was very cool and windy along the ocean but I loved prevailing solitude thanks to the absence of the noise from cars, motorcycles, motor boats and people.

Foggy Ocean, no boats

The gray fog and rain actually drew my eyes to colors I typically don’t pay attention to in brighter weather.

Yellow, purple and pink flowers

Blue Door

Red Doors

School starting puts us all in an autumn mode but it’s not officially fall until September 21st. Some trees don’t agree, however, they appear to go into full fall action way ahead of the calendar. While I do love the fall around here, I really don’t want to rush out of summer yet.

What are you doing Japanese Maple? It's not time yet!

My rainy ride took me to the new Salem Bike Path. Salem has become very bike friendly with the path, the newly painted lanes and designated bicycle route to parks and beaches. My great friend Dan from Salem Cycle has been instrumental in that aspect and it’s nice to enjoy the product of his hard work.

Salem Bike Path

Thanks to the rain, I had the entire path to myself. Good thing I’m a loner.

Salem Bike Path runs behind my alma mater Salem State University central campus

The bike route was a bit more lively with cars and pedestrians. It’s nice to know we were all able to share the road amicably, no fist shaking or glares were exchanged today.

Bike lane cyclist has a helmet but no handlebars. I guess he needs that helmet.

This icon has handlebars but no rider--no helmet required.

Final shot of the drizzly canal before heading home.

Salem Canal cuts through and beneath the city. My next adventure might be along the canal UNDERNEATH Salem...

My rides in the rain are much shorter than a ride on a beautiful warm day. I did get pretty cold after a while, even in a good rain jacket so my post ride warm-up absolutely had to include plenty of this (oh my, how I do love Netflicks!):

Special Agent Seely Booth

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8 Responses to Rainy Day Bike Ride

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    You can have Booth…. I’ll take Emily Deschanel…… πŸ™‚ When the kid and I are through your neck of the woods on an upcoming road trip, you will have to loan us a few bikes from your vast collection so that you can take us on a bike tour of your town….. It looks like an amazing place for a ride! πŸ™‚

  2. Flying Yenta says:

    Thanks for sharing the magic of biking in the rain! The time you took to pause and marvel at the colors and the peaceful solitude – as well as your vivid photos – make me nostalgic for my bike back in San Francisco, and the parks I used to frequent as a kid across the Atlantic. (P.S. How did you keep your camera safe during the rain?) Lovely post!

    • sweetman says:

      I’m glad you liked them, thank you for you kind response. My sister lives in SF and often bikes in the rain–I guess you have to! I used the camera on my iphone for these pictures, it’s the primary use of my phone if you can believe it!

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