Sculptures and Stone Walls

Ironic, just as most everyone’s summer came to an end, I went on vacation. Two fabulous, relaxing weeks at…home.
Don’t say it! Mashed up words like Staycation kind of take the shine off my good time.
Anyway, I wasn’t able to get any time off work until the end of the summer which made for kind of a long summer until now–when it got even longer in a really good way!
Yes, I watched school busses load up and lumber away, filled with kids with long faces while I just smiled and waved and mouthed the words, “Have a great day! Make good choices!”
Actually, the youngest son just started high school which is amazing. Even more amazing, he walks! This is the most awesome vacation ever.

Charlie as a Freshman

I’ve been riding around on my favorite bike taking pictures with my iphone. It’s funny, I never talk on it, rarely text but love to take pictures with it. It’s something of my photography muse. I decided to take pictures as I would if I went away.
The following is my local sculpture photo essay starting with a picture that has nothing to do with sculpture:

Trio heads to the beach on their last day of summer

Lynch Park is a beautiful park and beach about a mile from downtown Beverly.

Entrance to Rose Garden, Lynch Park

Engraved on the entrance is this enchanting warning:
“Whosovever enters here let him Beware
For he shall nevermore escape nor be free of my spell”

It is kind of magical once you enter. Once you make it past the warning, you have to get past these two.

Lions at the steps

If you need a place to sit and gather yourself, there are benches in the sun or shade.

Shady stone bench in Rose Garden

Sunny stone bench

Or walk around the flower beds and stone veranda.

Rose Garden, Lynch Park

The is a famous statue, The Falconer by George Blackall Simonds, inspired by the original statue cast in 1872 in Central Park.

The Falconer stands between the Rose Garden and the ocean at Lynch Park

Another angle of The Falconer with the falcon

The Grecian fountain is another lovely sculpture that has never, to my knowledge, spouted any water. It’s still nice to look at though.

Grecian fountain

My appreciation of the sculpture and verdure in Lynch Park lead me to photograph local sculptures and areas of interest.

Back yard sculpture, Salem, MA

2nd piece in back yard sculpture, Salem MA

3rd piece back yard sculpture, Salem MA

This is a completely amazing find and just a block away! I had no idea this was here and wonder, was it just placed there? How could I miss something like that? Is there a Roman statue missing a head?

Back yard sculpture, Beverly MA

We live near Central Cemetery which has graves that date back to the early 17th century. It also has some beautiful sculptures that have weathered the years beautifully.

Cemetery sculpture circa 1850

Two types of grave markers

Beautiful gravestone circa 1870

Finally, a few pictures of stone walls. I marvel how often I pass by these every day without a glance when I see how beautiful they are in these photos.

Cemetery stone wall

Repaired stone wall with rusty gate that says Welcome

Turret entrance to road

Final shot for this essay–leaning on the stone wall overlooking Central Cemetery.

Leaning on wall overlooking Central Cemetery, Beverly MA

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14 Responses to Sculptures and Stone Walls

  1. chlost says:

    Such beautiful statues, and I love the walls. I hope you are enjoying the time off. There is something good about having the house to yourself. I think it is called “quiet”.

  2. Thisecstone walls are beautiful! We vacation in Salisbury every year and pass through Beverly on the T en route to Newburyport, but I had no idea it had such hidden treasures. Thanks for sharing.

    • sweetman says:

      Come visit next time! There’s so much in such a small area–free beach parking, parks, museums and Salem. Granted, the waves at Salisbury are not to be missed! Hope you had a great summer!

  3. The stone walls, that is. Stupid iPad!

  4. Chris says:

    Very nice pictures. I prefer to stay at home when I have time off. Why drive somewhere and burn the gas and spend the time behind the wheel? It amazes me how much I rely on my iPhone camera and how much fun I have. I leave my Canon at home when I go on trips. I found you post on the front page of WordPress so that’s how I came to visit your site. A nice surprise.

  5. engchick23 says:

    I would love to have such a place to wander. Glad to hear your photography is helping you notice more of your world! Keep up the good work!

  6. This looks like a lovely town. I live in Tarrytown, NY and am forever grateful for how much beauty there is here, both in nature and architecture. I admire everyone able to seek and find these details. They’re all around us.

    The stone walls on my suburban street (formerly a huge private estate) have the same sawtooth effect as one of these photos…when there’s a heavy snowfall it always reminds me of a row of teeth.

    • sweetman says:

      I love those stone walls in the winter, they look exactly like giant teeth. I know Tarrytown–my father was born there and grew up in Irvington–both are beautiful little towns.

  7. I never appreciated cemeteries until I met my now husband. Our second date was to one in Tennessee . I thought he was the weirdest dude EVER! But, by the time we left I had a grand appreciation for them and him. Beautiful photos

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