Whitey the Ratface and galpal are off the Lam and Going to the Slam (hopefully).

Whitey Bulger, FBI’s Most Wanted, has been captured.

Whitey and his moll Catherine Greig are taken into custody after they finish scooping Pepper's poop on their morning stroll

All the speculation about where he could be, what he’s been doing and how he’s been living has come to a thudding halt as the world learns he’s been living a comfortable, quiet life in The Princess Eugenia Apartments on 1012 Third Street in Santa Monica.
Imagine that! Old Whitey in sunny California because he evidently likes to stroll along the beach. Hiding in plain sight for 15 years. Paid his rent in cash on time every month. He was, to quote his landlord, “An Ideal Tenant”.
Wow, that was some beard to disguise him like that for 15 years!
Now before we get all worshippy about this heartless, brutal, bloodthirsty, raging criminal animal and lionize him as a folk hero, keep in mind that James J. “Whitey” Bulger would have you murdered for the slightest perceived insult to his kingdom or character. He’d have you murdered if one of his men didn’t like you. He’d have you murdered for saying his ugly dog was cute or not cute.
It’s really too bad that Jack Nicholson made him his inspiration for the Irish mob boss in The Departed. I think a lot people today have an image of Whitey as a mix of Jack Nicholson,Johnny (from The Shining) and The Joker.
The Whitey worship along with his ability (be it through his clever ways or a lot of help from a lot of people) to avoid arrest while living what appears to be a completely ordinary life diminish the horrors he inflicted prior to his disappearing act. More unfortunate, the immediacy of his crimes has past and so many left in the wake of the horrors he’s inflicted have died, clammed-up or disappeared.
Looks like Whitey might have skirted the worst of what could happen to him by lying low for sixteen years. Maybe not. There are still a lot of friends and relatives of the 18 murder victims that he allegedly “personally” killed who might be willing to speak up now that they know Whitey’s in custody.
Hopefully the FBI will be willing to air out some more dirty laundry by getting this guy into a maximum security nightmare instead of installing him into some cushy country club for the rest of his miserable life.
The following is an exerpt taken from Kevin Weeks memoir BRUTAL: MY LIFE IN WHITEY BULGER’S IRISH MOB describing the murder of Stephen Flemmi’s stepdaughter Deborah Hussey (Whitey personally strangled her because 1. she took a job as a stripper in Boston and 2. Flemmi was sleeping with his stepdaughter and he thought she might have overheard too much):

Stevie said he’d take care of the clothes and the teeth. He was all business, going about the task of removing cleaning up and pulling teeth. Even though he had a long term relationship with Debbie, this wasn’t bothering him any more than it had bothered Jimmy. Stevie was actually enjoying it, the way he always enjoyed a good murder. Like a stockbroker going to work, he was just doing his job. Cold and relaxed, with no emotion or change in demeanor, he was performing a night’s work. Whether he went out to meet one of his girlfriends or home to Marion, I have no idea. Later on, when I was alone with Jimmy, I asked him what this was all about. ‘Who knows?’ he answered. ‘She was bringing Blacks back to the house. She was doing drugs. Stevie was probably fucking her.’ I never asked again, but it was just kind of distasteful killing a woman. I can see killing guys. That’s the life they chose, the life they’re involved in, the life we all chose. But a woman was different. It wasn’t a nice thing. Years later, it came out that Stevie was in fact having sex with Debbie. And she’d been his stepdaughter since she was three years old. Who knows if she knew anything else about him? But to kill a woman because she threatened to tell that you were fucking her didn’t make any sense, no more than it did to kill a girlfriend because she wanted to leave you. According to Stevie testimony in a later trial, when it came out that he had been having sex with her daughter, Marion tossed his clothes out in the driveway and changed the locks to the house. She didn’t know about the murder, but she knew about the sex. That didn’t make any sense either.

If you are interested in a couple of unflattering versions of Whitey Bulger, his gang and some of his antics, I heartily recommend Dick Leher’s BLACK MASS: THE TRUE STORY OF AN UNHOLY ALLIANCE BETWEEN THE FBI AND THE IRISH MOB and Howie Carr’s THE BROTHER’S BULGER: HOW THEY TERRORIZED AND CORRUPTED BOSTON FOR A QUARTER OF A CENTURY. Bulger threatened to kill Carr after that gem hit the press so you can imagine that Howie’s not shedding any tears over Whitey’s capture.
However it plays out, the show has just begun and it’s probably going to be a wild ride. Especially for the FBI if Whitey the Ratface starts to sing.


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6 Responses to Whitey the Ratface and galpal are off the Lam and Going to the Slam (hopefully).

  1. chlost says:

    I am not sure how I missed all of this, but I had never heard of this guy until I heard of his capture. He was living just a few blocks from where my son was living when he was in Santa Monica a few years ago. My son worked at a local Starbucks for a little while….I wonder if this guy ever came by for a coffee. He would have paid cash, I imagine.

  2. sweetman says:

    Wow! I’ll bet your son did encounter him! He’s such a legend around Boston. I think so much time has passed and he had a lot of help from the people who were supposed to be searching for him that he was able to live like he did for as long as he did.

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Good to see him behind bars….again…… Hopefully for the last time.

  4. xuwei0301 says:

    Very clean web site , thanks for this post.!!!

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