The Spring That Never Was: 2011

Northeast Dementors suck your will to live...

It is the unknownth grey and cold day. My fingers are freezing and I have a sweater on. I don’t believe the number or the month on the calendar and I feel like I’ve been in some kind of coma when I hear next Monday is Memorial Day.
What happened? I think we have a Dementor infestation up her and we need an appearance from The Boy Who Lived to straighten things out…right about now…

This is the spring that never really happened. It followed an epic winter with one warm day on January 1st. Then it was blizzard after snow storm after epic cold snap after unseasonable cold. By the time February 2nd came around, no one really expected Punxsatawny Phil to see his shadow, we were just relieved to know there would be only be 6 more week of winter.
We could all handle that after slogging though 4 feet of snow day after day. Six more weeks meant an end in sight. It meant ordering seeds from Park Seed and starting some kind of wacky diet that restricted a major food group but promised a bikini body by June!

You big fat lying effer!!!

I, like many like-minded residents of the northeast. ordered seeds and began enjoying life much less by not eating white bread, potato chips, candy or refined-processed foods.
Then I, like many like-minded residents of the northeast fell off the wagon and began eating everything restricted after 2 days of denial with the good intention that on the first warm day, I’d get back on the fitness wagon.
Well that day has yet to come!
It remained unseasonably cold well into April when I left for Canada with my youngest son’s school–as a chaperone for a lark to Montreal and Quebec! What fun–driving up into the North Country where they are 2 to 3 weeks behind Boston when it comes to spring! Did the Bruins defeat over the Canadiens help temper the fact that there was ice on the rivers and skiing on the mountains in late April make a difference? Not for me it didn’t! But I had a great time with the kids!

Freezing with the boys in Quebec!

It was a fun trip if you long for cold rain and temperatures in the 40’s. It was a lot of fun trying to figure out the true temperature in farenheight when local displays read 2 degees.
Coming back to the Boston area was like returning to Quebec: grey, mist, rain, damp, fog, drizzle, overcast, unseasonably cool, sleet, fog, partial clearing (at around 2 a.m.) grey, mist, fog, damp, damp, chilly, cool…
Because we haven’t been slammed by tornados, hail, earthquake, hurricane or flood, I know there is no reason to complain. It’s more of a grind of cold mist. Of clouds. Of lack of sun. It changes everything about what you think you can manage or find manageable. At this point, thinking about stepping up to a disaster like a flood or the aftermath of a tornado is inconceivable…it’s been too grey and cold forever…
The Red Sox start to the season reflected the gloom until a few weeks ago; they went from a dismal 12-2 to just a half game out of first in the division as of last night but there’s still this feeling that things need to change, to warm, to brighten in order to see what’s in store.
I’ve never been so affected by this kind of weather–it hasn’t made the slightest impact on my lifestyle but it’s affected everything around me. I loathe to wonder what I would be if things really went awry in the event of a tornado, earthquake or hurricane. I don’t think I have the cobbles to withstand it!
At this point I would rejoice at a hot, muggy summer… I think I can remember something like that…

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4 Responses to The Spring That Never Was: 2011

  1. Sinman says:

    Over the weekend, it was 6:30 pm, still light out, and STILL COLD!!! arrgh.

  2. Seasweetie says:

    I really feel for you. We haven’t gotten hit here in Colorado like you have, but it’s been cool and dismal far too much until the past few days. Sending warmth and sun your way!!

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