Baseball, bees and bad dogs

Things couldn’t get any better at this moment: the Red Sox are on the radio while I type at the kitchen table and they aren’t losing. Youngest son is doing his math homework right next to me (I am so very glad I no longer have math homework) while oldest son is hopefully not freezing at Fenway Park while the Sox hopefully pick up their third win of the season.
Clearly it’s been a slow start to 2011.

We're playing a real game, Dice K, this is not batting practice.

I really don’t know what to say about it except I deserve to eat my pre-season gloating words about the pitching, hitting and the acquisitions. My stoic demeanor now speaks of looking into the long haul of the season and a steely reserve that they’ll drastically improve by the next game, the series and the month. I curse Sports Illustrated for bestowing the 2011 World Series Championship upon them with 168 games to play. SI has a rotten record for it’s World Series predictions and more often then not, the chosen team ends up with a worse than expected performance on the season. Talk about a curse.

Fortunately it’s not all baseball gloom around here! It’s been appreciably warmer and there are definite signs of permanent spring: more flowers, greener grass, longer days and a move to brighter clothes. The beehive is growing and the bees are bringing in a ton of pollen so today’s bee activity was putting on the first honey super.

Beehive with honey super 4/12/2011

The super is the smallest box on the top. I’m using a queen excluder, which is a wire screen that allows the smaller worker bees to move freely from top to bottom but keeps the larger queen in the two bigger bottom boxes. It keeps the queen from laying eggs in the combs of honey that we could take if this hive is successful and (this is a really important and) it helps keep the hive manageable. Two years ago I didn’t use the excluder and had an enormous, aggravated hive that was ready to swarm right into my nervous neighbors hair and her children’s beds. Really. The lessons of bad beekeeping are the toughest.

Honey bee with willow pollen

I’ve been working of changing a few of my winter bad habits starting with the worst: Lying on the couch all day. It did nothing for the mood or the girth so I started running again. I am slow, very slow so I avoided wearing a watch, believing it’s best to get out and run instead of getting upset that I’m running at a 10 min/mile pace. I’ve been at it for over a month and felt like I’d picked up the pace so today I wore my timex and ran 5.3 miles in 46 minutes–less than a 9 minute mile! It’s enough to keep me running and thinking about training for summer races and a fall half marathon.

How could you ever forget about me?

Finally a terrier update. They are fine despite the severe neglect they suffer. Last night the little Bad Dog was let out at 10:00 p.m. At 3:00 a.m. I woke to what I thought was a bark. I listened for a while but didn’t hear anything for a while. Unable to fall asleep, I started to read and heard another little bark. Oh boy, someone left their dog out all night! I thought, That poor dog. Then I hear another bark. It sounded familiar so I went to check on the terriers. There was Artie and there wasn’t Honey. I ran down stairs and found her waiting at the back door. She was very happy to see me, a bit aloof around someone who shall not be named and spent most of the day sleeping which allowed Artie some free time to peruse his many interests on the internet.

Artie getting an eyeful

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10 Responses to Baseball, bees and bad dogs

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    I hate to say it…but Artie looks like his dice are missing a few dots if you know what I mean….. ha ha….. So, does this mean I have to buy protective beewear in NYC before I pedal to BAHSTUN? I expect to read blogs of you out on those 300 bikes of yours now that spring is here! Get out and get biking sister! Or else! Now…get Artie an anti-psychotic doggie pill already! πŸ™‚

    • sweetman says:

      Artie’s dice ARE missing a few dots! That is so funny–the picture is an iphone-blurry-shot that wasn’t touched up–it’s all him. He’s more fun the way he is–they terrified, psychotic terrier.
      No, you’re safe from the bees as long as you don’t wear any Yankees gear, then I release the bees! And I did bicycle today, you’ve been my inspiration my friend! Thank you!!!!!

  2. We are big Sox fans, even though we live a looooong way from Fenway. We go there every summer, though, and my 11 year old son thinks it’s perfectly normal, even though we tell him lots of people have never been! Your dogs are adorable! Artie deserves an extra treat for being outside half the night!

    • sweetman says:

      Red Sox Nation! We’re suffering a bit right now, tell your son to hang in there and I hope your summer trip is well worth it this year. Thanks Nancy!

  3. Sinman says:

    Your running is going better than my biking! Weeping Willow is May 22 and I feel slow, creaky and old! Your dogs make me appreciate my cats!! You should follow F1, less of a time committment,

    • sweetman says:

      Keep at it Glenn, it was a long winter and you definitely didn’t add the poundage that I did–plus you’re riding in the woods. Give me the road and a three speed anytime! I’m glad you appreciate your cats, my dogs would make a person appreciate a fire ant invasion. No to F1! Being a Red Sox fan is a 61% misery commitment!

  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Liz, I assure you that I would rather die than be caught wearing Yankees ANYTHING! The kid and I tend to buy hats and shirts of the teams we are visiting…so we will be wearing SAWX Gear! πŸ™‚

    • sweetman says:

      Excellent! Hopefully they’ll be a few notches up from the bottom of the barrel-hey they didn’t lose last night!….well, yes, it’s true, they got rained out…
      Go SAWX!

  5. chlost says:

    Those two dogs are adorable. Our little guy is a miniature Schnauzer. He would have been politely barking for a little while, but then would have lost his calm. He freaks out about the grass now that the snow is gone. I have had the same thing happen to me….I get caught up in something else, and forget that he is outside. Luckily, not in the winter. So far.

    • sweetman says:

      I think our dogs would get along very well–and have owner stories to tell. I love that he freaks out about the grass! It definitely sounds like Artie, so funny!

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