Lake Tahoe Vacation!

Hello my dear friends! I am back, well-rested and revived from a family vacation to Lake Tahoe.
I left looking and feeling like this:

I don't care that my hair is in my coffee

And return to all my (insert single digit number here) fans a new woman:

Gosh, Dan, give me a chance to wake up!

We’ve just returned from Lake Tahoe. Yes, there was snow–epic snow! Almost as much snow as we’ve had this past winter! Isn’t it ironic? All winter long my posts have been an unending pity party about how long the winter has been, how unfair the snow piles up, how depressed I became because of the long, unending, snowy winter…
The difference was it was a family gathering of cousins–my husbands cousins and their spouses and children and it was so much fun! We skied, we ate, we snow-shoed, we played with dogs which were all great, but what made it terrific was spending time and getting to know relatives I’ve only sent Christmas greetings once a year. It was hard to leave them and I wonder how we could have let all this time go by without having a get-together sooner?
My only regrets? Just a few: 1. Our older son had to work and couldn’t join us for this vacation 2. there were so many snow storms that I couldn’t manage to meet my darling sister Kate and her family–it was hard being so close and not seeing her and 3. the week went by so quickly.

Lake Tahoe

The vacation began uneventfully, early and with the usual expectation of flying/driving for about a day.

Waiting at the airport

It was worth it, once we arrived. None of us had ever been to Lake Tahoe. We came to ski and there was no lack of snow.

View from back deck

The best photos have yet to be downloaded from my husbands camera, so this will be a two blog entry (To make up for the lack of blogging I’ve been doing????? I heard that Maaaaaaaahhhhk!)
Here’s a few from my phone–such a great time and fantastic memories.

We started every day with a huge breakfast

We had amazing meals every day–Ronnie, Julie and Chelsea are amazing cooks. I did not come close to skiing off one meal, let alone all 57 I ate while I was there. I’m in serious training mode and hoping for a late start to summer–or that the latest beachwear fashion will be very caftan-like this summer.

I could have tried Charlie's approach to not eating everything by simply wearing it.

Bicycle Girl finds a bike in the snow

Can you believe I found a bike? Well I did and am a bit cheesed-off that not one of my family members would create a distraction so I could ride off on this bad boy beach cruiser.

Giant Chair

We found the land of the giants and sat in their chair when it was safe.

Ron and Dan start a fashion trend....

Now you know where the white-hot colorful plastic sunglasses trend started…Oh, it hasn’t caught on yet? Wait for it….

Vintage red corvette

I found a kindred spirit–in spirit–Ronnie’s car collection rivals my bicycle fleet. He’s got some real beauties–a Model T, Maxwell Smart’s car, a vintage Jaguar with a hood about 10 feet long…and this Corvette. Don’t worry, I didn’t make him jealous by talking about my bikes.
There’s just a little of the Tahoe vacation. It was a great time despite all the snow on top of all the snow we had here–which melted while we were gone!
The terriers got to spend a week at Camp Spoiled Dog and got styled, fluffed and buffed on their last day so they arrived home roughly 3x the size they usually are because I never fluff or buff them. Despite all that frou-frou attention, I have been in a chilly zone and often receive looks like this:

The Mighty Scowl

and this:

The Cold Glare

which doesn’t make me regret anything. Sorry dogs.

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16 Responses to Lake Tahoe Vacation!

  1. chlost says:

    Yay for vacations, and especially those that bring you back renewed.
    Sounds like fun. I’ve never been to Tahoe, either. But I think I would go in the summer.
    Looking forward to the next installment.

    • sweetman says:

      Thanks Chlost, it’s more popular in the summer time–funny how I’ve only thought of it as a ski destination. Yes, it’s going to be a summer visit next time, especially after the 10 feet of snow they got after we left!

  2. Seasweetie says:

    I echo chlost’s Yay! And I’ve never been to Tahoe either as I tend to avoid going into snow since it comes to me too often. I wondered where you’d been and am so glad you had a lovely time. Those dog scowls – they are darn near cat-worthy!

    • sweetman says:

      Hi Sweetie! Yes, vacations are good, very good! Except for dogs who practiced scowling and glaring on their retreat. I’m going to tell them they’re acting like spoiled cats!

  3. Sinman says:

    Really, the Sunbeam Tiger was the car to post, unless it was a later Max Smart Karman Ghia! And you need to re-define what a big breakfast is!!
    Our cats never look askance at us!

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  5. Wickedly Awwwwwwweeeessssommmmeeeee!!! Welcome Back! Leave it to you to find the one bike that some goofball left parked out in the snow! ha ha…… Looks like a cool place. Can’t believe you take a vacation to get away from the SNOW and you head to a place that has even more SNOW!! Do you not see the irony here? Oh well….. That cabin fever can do strange things to the human mind….. Now that you are home…..I expect vigilant attention to your blog….OR ELSE!!! – Maaaaahhhhhkkkkk

    • sweetman says:

      Thanks Maaaaaaaahhhhhhhk, Yes, I’m still fuming about losing that bike but what can you do? Irony can be so ironic…Vigilant attention is promised, no more wallowing, no more cabin fever, no more blog-neglect, no more mean dogs–oh wait I can’t promise that one!
      p.s. several of the pounds you lost have found their way to my person and do not want to leave, can you offer advice on how to get rid of them? They’re very stubborn!

  6. MWissmann says:

    Hi Liz,
    great pictures, looks like a fun time was had by all…now I know the Idiot (sorry for calling you an “idiot”, Idiot) says “pay attention to your blog”, but Ahhhtie and Honey say “pay attention to your dog!”

    • sweetman says:

      Ha Ha Ha! Next time they visit crazy cousin Teddy-the dog who’s face was mushed by his master Mary! I know, I couldn’t call him Idiot without feeling like a jerk, so embrace you Massachusetts roots and call him MAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHK.

  7. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    A few pounds found their way to you huh? What does that put you up to?….90?…92?…..If you need more poundage let me know…I am always happy to share… 🙂

    • sweetman says:

      Well thanks for the compliment but they’re not doing me any good hanging around here–perhaps we can forward them to that skinny wastrel JBieber?

  8. You make a vacation with snow sound like so much fun!

    Glad you’re feeling relaxed and refreshed!

    • sweetman says:

      It was definitely the people–although I don’t know if I could put a smile on the 8 feet of snow they got after we left! Love the latest edition Lacey–the interview is terrific!

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