Pictures of a Brief Winter Thaw on a Cold Day

Yerrrrgh. It’s cold, really cold. A bit of snow earlier this morning, now bitter temperatures.
Will this winter ever end?!
Well of course it will! We all know that! There was a hint of it last week: a breather of two glorious days where the temperature rose above 50 and the air felt so balmy that hats, mittens and scarves were thrown off. People were actually running in shorts and the mountainous berms of ice and grit along every street and sidewalk dwindled enough to make it seem like we’re not scuttling along ice tunnels.
What a winter!

Small boy and huge mound of filthy snow

Dirty truck, dirty snow

Fascinating isn’t it? I don’t want to keep you here all day, there was more to that day than a giant dirty melting pile of snow in a supermarket parking lot. Let’s go somewhere a bit more pleasing, shall we?

snow/beach edge on a balmy day

Calm ocean, serene sky, floating island

Top of park bench at Lynch Park

Canoe stand, Rice Beach

calm ocean

Path down to Rice Beach

this was an accidental picture but it's neat, blue jacket-blue sky

Falconer statue at the Rose Garden in Lynch Park

Finally the beautiful end to a perfect day in February. One more day closer to spring.

Sun setting near Dane Street Beach


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2 Responses to Pictures of a Brief Winter Thaw on a Cold Day

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Hang in there! Love the pics. Spring is almost here! It will be here before you know it! 🙂

  2. egills says:

    Oh! That last one of the sun setting is so serene… What a wonderful place to live.
    Hibernation is the answer I think – I’m sure we’re supposed to hibernate, it’s not natural for us to struggle in all these awful elements and the lack of natural sunlight ( so so glad I don’t live in Iceland or such where they don’t see natural daylight for months on end! ).

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