It’s the little things

I’m back. After nearly a month of silence, I’m back to this beloved blog. It wasn’t a planned hiatus, it was the little things that became bigger things and I hit a writer’s block the size of Montana.

Shortly after my last post I was sidelined by what I thought was a cold. Just a little inconvenience, a few days of a sore throat and I’d be over it. It turned into a three week saga where everything made me cough: talking, walking, sitting, standing, eating, even sleeping. My youngest son said I woke him up during the night because I was coughing. It became what I did–with no energy for anything else. I am going to be really good from now on because I know there’s a chamber in hell waiting for me if I stray into evil–I’ll be sent to the Coughing Room.

Most of my time was spent coughing on the couch with the bad dogs looking at me and I’m sick of their beady faces. They loved it though and quickly came to believe that any food I ate was OUR FOOD because in my debilitated state, I gave them most of it anyway.
Now I’m trying to retrain their greedy brains. My food is not OUR FOOD but they won’t be convinced. The only thing they don’t like is pistachios. I found that out when I lined up all the smug little pistachios I couldn’t open on the low living room table. They stayed lined up…untouched by the terriers…the one food on the planet I know they won’t eat.

We like snow, not pistachios

There has been a ton of this:

Bracing for the 5th and 6th snowstorm of the season

which has drained my inspiration for writing. Everyone is drained by shoveling, snow boots, heavy jackets, navigating one-lane streets and trying to walk on un-shoveled sidewalks and around house-sized snow banks.

I’m taking another writing class in Boston but we’ve only had one class so far–tonight’s class is cancelled again due to snow. Funny how the cancellations are causing me to dream those crazy dreams I used to have in college: I’m supposed to take a test for a class I never went to, I’m walking around a campus I don’t recognize looking for my classroom and my favorite: sitting in a classroom in my underwear.


So that’s the scoop. I’m back, clad in several more layers over my underwear, barely coughing, trying to write and managing to keep most of MY FOOD to MYSELF. I have no idea when this epic winter will end. Instead of wailing about another snow storm, I try to look at it like that’s one more done…and then I start wailing.

Here are a few things that give me hope: My good friend Maaaaaahhhhk who told me to write again, the Red Sox spring training calendar showed up on my Yahoo side bar, a couple of cardinals have found the bird feeder and I’m so looking forward to these two things when the snow melts:

Dream riding on my dream bicycle

Stay alive until spring, bees!

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14 Responses to It’s the little things

  1. Seasweetie says:

    I’m so glad to see you back! I’ve missed your writing – and I love hearing about the dogs. They are highly entertaining individuals, especially from a distance. I still have those same dreams about college, too. And I’m happy that you’re feeling better. Kelsea and I had (in succession) that cough that lasted for three weeks this past summer, but we’ve been lucky so far with no illnesses (knocking on my head as I type that.

    • sweetman says:

      Thanks Sweetie, I really appreciate it! Would be thrilled to let the dogs entertain you up close, too bad the trains aren’t running, they’d be on the next one. That cough! Wasn’t it the worst? I hope you both stay well!

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Welcome back!! I’m gonna send you a photo of my favorite shoe….. you should study it and get to know it well. If you ever dissapear for a month again, they will have to surgically extract that shoe from your backside! Hope you are feeling better! What kind of deranged lunatic goes jumping into a freezing body of water on New Years? Sane people just don’t act like that! I hope you have learned your lesson. Seriously, welcome back dear friend! Great to have you back in Blogville. Only a couple weeks till pitchers and catchers report! Yipeeeee!!! Play Ball!! πŸ™‚

    • sweetman says:

      Send the boot, Maaaaaaahhhhhk, I needed it! I’ll keep it on my desk as a reminder unless the nefarious hounds from hell decide it’s OUR FOOD. I can’t predict what they’ll eat. It wasn’t the ocean swim! I tell you what, if I end up on a ventillator next year, I might agree with you.
      Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it. Now where’s my baseball cap?

  3. chlost says:

    If I start coughing, now I will know where I got it. It sounds like a horrible experience. Glad you made it in one piece. When you learn how to teach your dogs about the mine/yours food differentiation, please let me know. I have someone here with four legs and a pair of very cute brown eyes who needs that lesson.

    • sweetman says:

      I pray you don’t! It was awful and in my weakened state, I made little dictators of the bad dogs! I’ll let you know if I have any luck retraining them, my only relief is their short legs–they can’t reach the table, thank goodness.

  4. afrankangle says:

    First time visitor … so welcome back … hope the NE gets a break from the snow.

  5. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Liz, my dear friend……. My dear, sweet, kind, loving little friend……

    I am getting out the BOOT!…….

    You know what that means!

    Come on Lizzie! Snap out of it! It is less than two weeks until Pitchers and Catcher REPAWWWWTT! This is getting ready to be the best time of the year! Winter is almost over! Come back to us Liz! Come back! Please! Don’t make me use the BOOT….again!…..

    Have a great day Liz!

    — Mahhhhhhkkkkkkkkkkk

    • sweetman says:

      Why, oh why does this evil voice enter my head when I haven’t written for more than 2 weeks? and why does the voice sound like Sam Eliot wearing a big boot????

  6. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Lizzzzzzz…..I am taking off the boot… slow motion…..just like in a good Quentin Tarantino movie…….. be afraid… very afraid…….. πŸ™‚

  7. I can relate to the endless snow, greedy dogs and the under-the-weather blues.

    I’m a writer up here in Ontario, Canada which is in no short supply of snow this winter. I keep clearing it from the bottom of the bay window in my kitchen so I won’t wake up to a lovely crack hindering my view to the mounds of the white stuff outside.

    As for the greedy dogs, I have a golden retriever, so enough said. He eats whatever he can get near his mouth.

    I’m just getting over a wicked virus that had our hospitals in a mess the last month, and I’m embracing feeling good again! Cheers to good health, wrtiting something that counts, sunshine and dogs with manners!

    Great blog entry, it gave me a good laugh today!

    • sweetman says:

      Thank you so much! I’ve been wallowing a bit overlong in the winter blues but have hope–it’s going to be sunny and warm today! Hope you have a nice warm spring soon and can enjoy the long view from your bay window πŸ™‚ and I’m glad you recovered your wicked virus!

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