Dismantling the Season

The fury of the season is over for this happy domicile. After working most of the days on or around the holidays, on my first day off after the weekend, I started the monumental and incredibly complicated task of putting Christmas away.

Beautiful Christmas tree wasn't too distracting that close to the TV--thank goodness!

It’s kind of a sad ritual because there’s no music and the tree was completely dried out and didn’t really smell like Christmas anymore. It was just me (with terriers) because everyone else was back to work and school.
I know I sound really disappointed and a little down right now and I have to confess, I am because I didn’t find any overlooked presents as I dismantled the tree. It would have made my day to come across this:

My dream bicycle, the answer to all I am looking for, the bike to rule all bikes--Pashley Guv'nor

Or this:

Dream Christmas bike? Dream on!

Or even this clever fellow to help me finish the dreaded task quickly so we could go off and solve mysteries and murders for the rest of the day:

Help me solve the mystery of why packing up Christmas is such a drag, Holmes!

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8 Responses to Dismantling the Season

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Is that the Mr. Sandwichbag or what’s his name that you have a crush on? And good Lord!! How big is that TV? It looks like a Pool Table tipped over in the corner!! You need help taking down the tree? I know a good idiot who can have that tree down in 3 seconds! 🙂

    • sweetman says:

      Mr. Benedict Cumberpatch does not appreciate the continued irreverent mauling of his name, and yes, he is one of the dandy fellows I fancy.
      Tree is now down but I may enlist the help of the Idiot for next year–I love the all-or-nothing approach. May buy plastic ornaments though!

  2. Sinman says:

    I think your “overlooked present” is a pair of snow shoes, that you magically buy for yourself!

  3. Hello, MY PARTNER AND I believe you, if you visit Romania you’ve got a cider from me personally: ) Regards!

  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Hey Liz……. Time to get back to blogging……please……..I miss your great writing! – Maahhhhhhkkkkkk

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