The Blizzard of 2010

Let it snow!

Good morning! Hope everyone is well and warm and cozy? Have a nice cup of coffee or tea as you hunker down to your warm computer? Dog or cat or weasel keeping your toes warm? Oh good! All the better to enjoy a few pictures of the raging blizzard we’ve got going on around Boston.

Blizzard Tree

I’ve got to get to work. I might be the only one at work because I live close enough to walk, which is what I’ll be doing. The terriers declined the suggestion of pulling me to work on a sled–they perished the idea when it took me 10 minutes to get the back door open so I could heave them into the thick of it.
Hopefully the roads will be cleared enough to walk and even more hopefully, there won’t be too many cars out at the ungodly hour of the morning. The governor has declared a state of emergency which could quite possibly mean the only people on the road will be those who want to confirm the theory that one can drive 50 miles an hour in a blizzard on bald tires. What fun!

Snowy city street

Don’t worry about me, my intermittent boyfriend Tom offered to walk me to work. We’ll talk about his new NFL records and where we’ll keep the MVP trophy and how comfortable we are in our matching snowsuits.

Matching snow suits!


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5 Responses to The Blizzard of 2010

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  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    I have not heard anything on the news about a frozen Nurse being found in the frozen embrace of Tom Brady…..So I will assume that Tommy Boy got you to work safely……… Be careful getting home! 🙂

  3. chlost says:

    Been there, done that Minnesota does blizzards regularly—well, except for the part about Tom. I guess you do what you need to do to keep warm, huh????

    Take it easy and be careful out there.

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