Today I Quite Possibly Found The Most Expensive Useless Gift

Now feel free to challenge me with, “A four-carat diamond belly stud worn by a large person in winter is the most expensive useless gift” and yes, you are absolutely right but I’m never going out to buy a diamond belly stud for a gift so your point is moot.
I’m talking about purchasing a gift that really wasted your hard earned cash:

Burburry Beauty--The Lip Charm with lip glow in Nude Beige

It’s lip gloss. You can attach it to a key chain. You can buy lip gloss that attached to a key ring at CVS for about $1.99 but this is Burberry so the charm and lip gloss, oh wait, make that lip glow! is $85.00.
I don’t think I’ve bought $85.00 worth of lip gloss in my entire life yet. But it’s the thought that counts and Burberry is hoping you think enough of a special someone to give them a $85.00 dab of lip goo in a dice-like key chain.
I think the recession is over.


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8 Responses to Today I Quite Possibly Found The Most Expensive Useless Gift

  1. So…you’re saying that my wife WON’T like the diamond-encrusted belly-button stud I bought her? (frantically looking for reciept) Gah!!!!!!

  2. kluckmeister says:

    I’ll take four please! Reminds me of those Acura commercials about the holidays.

  3. Donna says:

    I recall reading somewhere that cosmetic companies like Sephora are seeing their stock and sales rise in this economic climate. Reasoning was that a $25 tube of lipstick can feel like an affordable little luxury to consumers, compared to other completely crazy-expensive indulgences (GOOP, anyone?).

    That being said…this whatchamacallit is madness! I think I have better things to spend $85 on. Like, um, groceries. 🙂

  4. chlost says:

    Well, you must recognize the marketing genius of the comments here…..A diamond studded belly ring with a little box of lip gloss attached would be a huge seller. I think we should price it at $1000.00, as the diamond chip makes it so classy, and lip gloss is so valuable.
    I will share the profits with you, ‘k?

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