A Few Things

This Ok Go Here It Goes Again music video is one of my all time favorites. My husband played it for me a couple of years ago and I periodically go back to it because I love that it’s singing and dancing–no effects or animation. It reminds me of my beloved and it’s a great song too.

A day off after a three day stretch has left me wrung out and anxious–the house isn’t lit to the gills with blinking lights and I don’t have music blaring out of the mailbox! Don’t even ask me about my Christmas shopping or I’ll rake your face off! Christmas cards? Christmas Cards! Holy Crap, Christmas Cards–do we even have a family picture this year? This is the state I work myself in the Season of Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men. Shame on me.

The things I love about writing on the internet are equally balanced by the things that make it a less than desirable place to permanently post observations and opionions. Stories and words can take a life of their own out here, there’s an immortality to the on-line writing. It’s a forum that continues to evolve and devolve by the moment. I despair for the lack of debate if someone disagrees with an opinion, so many responses seem to be more hit-and-run instead of an open, enlightening back and forth. I’ve written quite a bit about how I think this is forming/reforming communication. I still wonder what we’ve created?

What a bust the facebook cartoon campaign to prevent violence against children turned out to be! Last night I read a cautionary warnings that it was a scheme developed by pedophiles to to gather young, vulnerable “friends” by having a charming, harmless cartoon image. I chouldn’t change my profile picture fast enough! Besides, so many of the images I saw were neither charming nor harmless and they certainly weren’t against violence! I was Batman from the Animated Series–no violence there, right? HAH! Whoever thought of it, be it pedophile, genius or doofus, it was brilliant. So many jumped aboard, like me, to show the world who they want to be if they were a cartoon.

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4 Responses to A Few Things

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    How can I make fun of you when you right real good serious posts? Harummppphh!!! All good points Liz….. You still are Batman to me! As long as you make all the stops and still get the Pinkie toe to the hospital on time! Christmas shopping? Ha! We got ya beat. We have got maybe 5% done so far. There is nothing under the tree but a sleeping cat…..though it has not moved in a few days…..I may need to look into that further….. Christmas cards going out today though! Ha! Nanny Nanny Boo! Boo! 🙂 – Mahky Mawwwwwwk

  2. sweetman says:

    “Well I am happy to say that the little guy is back in place at the end of the line.”
    Now come on, I know you can find a way to inflict cruel fun at my expense, Mahk! I must be able to count on you for that–and now for your intersting sign-off “Ha! Nanny Nanny Boo! Boo!”

  3. treather says:

    Right on sistah!! Those things drive me crazy! So if I don’t jump on the ‘band wagon’ am I an outcast from the pop-culture trend of the moment? Never liked going with the crowd or being a part of a group anyway. Keep these coming! -and I love the snow you have drifting down this page. – or is it dandruff?…..

    • sweetman says:

      You are never an outcast–you’re actually the sane one, the trend setter, the one to watch!
      Dandruff? Dandruff! Would someone as culturally refined, groomed and elegant as moi ever have Dandruff anywhere near her person? Hmph! xoxo

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