What Makes a Difference?

When I become this I am stopping violence against children?

According to Facebook, it’s the answer. Maybe if we’re all drooling in front of a computer screen, the ratio of violence decreases but I have my doubts.
I’m Batman because I’ve always wanted to be Batman. Never more than when the Dark Knight cartoons came out–they were so cool and Batman battled the forces of evil (violence against children is evil) by beating the crap out of evil. Don’t ponder the irony, just go with it.
It’s fun to see what people chose it be and it’s very interesting to see what the collective community grabs onto. About a year ago it was women posting the color of their undergarments to fight breast cancer–“White” “Pink” “Leopard Print” filled the screen with occasional “What?” from those who didn’t know what was going on. I have no idea how many lives were saved by posting bra color on Facebook but hope the elevating the level of awareness elevates the purpose.
I wax and wane with my FB activity. These days I’m more of a lurker but I think it’s fascinating how certain sparks of creativity incite a large herd response.

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11 Responses to What Makes a Difference?

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    I know why you are Batman. You probably had some incident where you had to comandeer a city bus in order to get a pinkie toe to the hospital……and you still made all the scheduled stops along the way…….

    you ARE Batman!

  2. Seasweetie says:

    Like you, I wax and wane with Facebook. It feels awfully trivial most of the time. And this particular “herd effort” seems…silly to me. I doubt that people comprehend why they are being asked to change their picture to a cartoon character, and I can’t see that it will raise awareness. I wish it would, and maybe I’m just too darn cynical, but after reading some recent newspaper accounts of people killing their children, I have very little faith in such a campaign.

  3. chlost says:

    As I am currently trying very hard to suppress the cynic in myself, I have tried to let this go. But I looked at some of the cartoon characters from which people were choosing for their profile picture. There were a lot of violent ones, some quite inappropriate for children, and several totally awful ones if the goal is to end child abuse. I made a comment to one of the friends who had changed her photo, saying that I didn’t understand how this was helpful, and got a response that said I was the one being silly.
    Oh, well, on the positive side, I like some of the old cartoons.

    • sweetman says:

      That’s exactly what I think! Sure, you think of fun and happy kids when you think of cartoons but what some people are chosing to be against violence are so incredibly violent, so inappropriate for kids and how on earth does this protect kids from violence?

  4. Sinman says:

    You lost me at bra colors.

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