Thanksgiving Wrap Up

This trend of weekly wrap-ups is a bit of a bad habit so please accept my apologies for the lackadaisical writing. My lame excuses are…Thanksgiving and…well that’s what it will be this week.
Seriously, part of being a nurse is working every other holiday but that mentality makes it feel like you’re working every single holiday although I’m not sure why. I’ll wager it has much to do with the reality that if you’re lucky enough to get a holiday off, you’re working the day before and the day after and what can you do with that? Tell sick people to stay home? It doesn’t work, I’ve done it to no avail.
The boys are getting ready for a third Thanksgiving dinner–this one is at home. We did the obligatory meals with both spousal sides, which was very nice but left us with nothing to make turkey sandwiches, stews, souffles, waffles, chowder, milkshakes and best of all, turkey whip surprise. My youngest son turns green when I rattle off this list of things I said my mother created for weeks after Thanksgiving. Why I delight in this manner of torture I’ll never know.
Here’s a novel idea for locking up bicycles. My bikes are dear to me and I would consider this option if it were more practical, cheaper and lighter than a kryptonite lock. Don’t those Germans think of everything?
This is is something I am deeply thankful for not getting into:

I had to dye my eyeballs because there's no more room on my skin

Tattoos have always been an odd fascination to me. I’ve written about them before because I’ve seen some tattoo regret due to inking when drinking, poor placement, bad artist and sporting out-of-style tattoos. Plus you can’t stop what aging skin does over time. The naked fellow above is the one who injected ink into the sclera of both eyes because 1. He had no more room on his body and 2. Blindness is fun.
I was unable to attend my mmmn-mmnth class reunion last Friday and hope it was enjoyed by those who could. Our school was so small that they’ve consolidated the reunions by decade so it’s was the Eighties reunion. I’m fortunate to have graduated in the ’80s with 2 of my sisters and we made the last one–which was a lot of fun. For me, Facebook has been the best vehicle for keeping in touch with classmates. I’ve caught up with so many people who I know I’d never have spoken to again.
Lastly, a nice picture from my good friend Glenn who went to Seattle a couple of weeks ago.

Artie says it's good

I wish my dumb dog Artie could serve coffee. Actually, I really wish he’d just act like a normal dog instead of a petrified ninny. Then I wish he’d serve coffee.

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5 Responses to Thanksgiving Wrap Up

  1. Sinman says:

    Thanks for the photo credit, Liz. And I’m not sure that is right bike lock for you. There is a rule that the lock can’t cost more than the bike!!

    • sweetman says:

      But think of the wow-factor Glenn! Imagine just hoisting your bike up a light post when riding about?? It’s true my bikes aren’t in the stratosphere of requiring that lock (except in my heart and mind) but your bikes may benefit.

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    I remember many a night sitting around the nurses station having conversations where we all argued about what the tattoo in room 3A “used to be” before the ravages of wrinkles and time turned it into a grotesque reptile of some kind…..

    That dude in the picture is gonna wake up some morning wondering “What the heck was I thinking?”….and he is up a creek….

    Turkey Milkshakes? Do you throw in the mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffing along with the turkey? That actually sounds kinda good….

    Thanks for posting something Bicycle Girl…. I know you have been busy and I felt real bad about hounding you with my evilness…..for about 3.2 seconds….then I got over it….. I’m fine now…..back to my full evil glory…..

    Have a great day! 🙂

    • sweetman says:

      So true Mahk, time ravages tattoos…I wouldn’t even get a bicycle or a bee due to that unfortunate fact. Funny, nurses are the same all over–wondering about tattoos. Now about the tattoo man above, the person I feel most sorry for is the ink monkey who had to work around, in, and in between his nethers and naughty bits. Man, there are jobs worse than nursing.
      By the way, have I been released from the level 9 harem violation Your Evil Eminence?

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Yes, you are released from Level 9….IF….and only IF……you PLEASE….post something new….even if it just pics of bikes… that TATTOO BUTT moves down the page and off the screen…… 🙂

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