Random Friday things

What? Friday already? What a busy yet quick week! I feel as though much was accomplished because here we are with a bunch of new Congressmen, Representatives and Senators, all ready to stop the pointless bickering and put Americans back to work, lower taxes, provide reasonable health care and quality education for all. That’s what all the ads and commercials were promising up to Tuesday. I’m just sitting back and waiting for bigger checks, better doctors and smarter kids. I’m so excited for the future!

Actually what I am excited about is my new phone. Phone! Seriously, I barely talk on it, text to Mr. B on occasion, check e-mail a bit more frequently. What I really use it for is a camera which is so funny because I have a camera but for some reason, because it wasn’t a phone, I never used it. Now that I have the phone with the camera, there’s no end to my photo opportunities.
I know it’s time to get into a new season but spookiness continues–as you can see by this picture of our neighbors porch I took on my way to class last night.

Scary shadow...

This is what it looks like during the daytime. Isn’t it nice to know scary things always look better in daylight?

I think Mrs. Neighbor is due for a trip to the hairdresser.

Holiday commercials have replaced the campaign ads–argh, sadly, I never thought I’d become sick of hearing, It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”. I found the first Christmas house of the season in Beverly last night. I think this is a record–supposedly this house was decorated on the first of November.

Cheesy Christmas decorations in November

I’ve taken the folding Bianchi on a few adventures–it’s such a fun little bike and I don’t care how I look riding it. What a find, it needs a tune-up and new tires but still ridable right out of the box.

Bianch folding bike and some canoes

Here’s the irony shot: the bicycle in front of the massive coal burning electric plant. Don’t you just feel the message here? If we all rode folding bikes, we wouldn’t need a coal burning plant!

Burn bikes not coal!--wait, that's not what I meant...

Here’s a couple of nice pictures that have nothing to do with my bike or coal:

Light House

Another coastal shot

Beautiful coastal house

Ending with one of my favorite pictures of all time that never fails to make me smile.

Little baby Charlie

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6 Responses to Random Friday things

  1. I love that you take random photos with your phone since my husband does the same thing. It’s usually stupid – as in, he takes a picture of something while I am with him and then shows it to me. I say “that’s cool” to him, and in my head I think “I just saw it in person, that’s stupid”.

    The only time I thought it was a good idea was at work one day running from meeting to meeting, I opened an email and there was a picture he sent me from his phone of my dogwood tree just starting to bloom. Maybe next time he’ll send me a scary picture from your neighbor’s porch. 🙂

    • sweetman says:

      That is so funny! I think I’m a bit like your husband-technology is such a wonder! Nice to meet you, the Idiot is either proud or nervous that his harem is now communicating with each other!

      • Hmmmm… I think I’d rather make the idiot nervous than proud. Nice to meet you too….but I don’t know if introducing you as ‘my blog friend the idiot introduced me to’ is a good thing for you. 🙂

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Thank you for the new post and for the pics! Enjoy your new phone. Keep in mind, I will beat you senseless with it if you go a week without blogging in the future…. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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