A Bit of Sadness on a Beautiful October Day

RIP Paul the Octopus

Although it isn’t a tragedy, it is a sad day today. Paul the Octopus will predict no more. He lived a long and full life. Hatched in a tank with 81,000 bothers and sisters in January 2008, he lived each day to the ultimate octopus limit until he died of natural causes at the ripe old octopus age of 2 1/2 years. His power of prediction was legend, a win for every one of his eight legs culminating in correctly chosing the underdog Spain for the 2010 World Cup Final. He will be missed by everyone except the Dutch.

Paul the Octopus picking the winner for the 2010 World Cup

And if that crushing loss isn’t enough, it grieves me to burden you all with this: Production of the Sony Walkman (1979-2010) ends today.

The Walkman was the ultimate in small portable music. Instead of blasting a city block with the boom box, the Walkman allowed the listener to wear headphones and crank what ever music he or she liked without disturbing anyone except your parents who tried to warn you that you were pulverizing your eardrums to deafness if they could hear what was you were listening to from across the room.
Considering the number of times I say, “What?” during any given day, they may have been right.

Hey Walkman girl, where's your date?

An added feature of the second or third iteration of the Walkman was the dual headphone ports. You could listen with your best friend or paramour. In theory, that was a wonderful idea–especially the thought of listening to a special song together. In reality it kind of stunk as it seemed to spark arguments about the music and about being teathered to one and other by your ears.
The Walkman redefined the way we listen to music from a shared experience to a personal bubble of music–unless you had an extra set of earphones.

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2 Responses to A Bit of Sadness on a Beautiful October Day

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Noooooooo!!! Nooooooooo!!!! Why! WHy! Why!! Why do the great ones all die young!! First the Liberace Museum…and now Paul…. It just makes you truly appreciate how short life really is.

    As for the Walkman….I had no idea they had still been making those things! I used to be a runner. I carried one of the Sony Walkman Casette players in my hand, the entire distance, while running in two marathons…….nearly 30 years ago!!

    Just another reminder of my advancing age. Now, if you will excuse me, I’m gonna go stick my head in the oven now….

  2. sweetman says:

    There’s no point in putting your head in an electric oven, Idiot. Pull yourself together and prepare–there’s more to the story…

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