Reasons to be cheerful

Yes, it’s a very good day, as evidenced by the enthusiasm of my good friends Pee Wee in left hand corner and Ian Dury & The Blockheads below.

Reasons to be cheerful part 3.
1 2 3
A bit of grin and bear it, a bit of come and share it
You’re welcome, we can spare it – yellow socks
Too short to be haughty, too nutty to be naughty
Going on 40 – no electric shocks

Ian Dury & The Blockheads

1. After 3 days in the Apple ICU, my computer appears, at this moment, to have come through the Unfortunate Tea Disaster of October 17, 2010 unscathed. Most unusual. Statistically speaking, 75-90% of computers bite it after a liquid spill. Luckily I am married to Mr. B who disemboweled what he could, had me blow-dry the key board for an hour then hermetically sealed everything in a plastic bin with about 4 inches of uncooked rice on the bottom. And told me to wait for 72 hours. It was a long wait.

I made an Apple Hospital sign to pass the time. A bit disturbing that I had trouble with the word Hospital. It shouldn’t be an unfamiliar word as it’s a place I go to work several times a week, yet there it is…

Go Texas!

2.The Texas Rangers are still in it, still have a chance to eliminate the Yankees and go to the World Series for the first time in team history.

Despite the disappointing loss yesterday, they are outplaying and out hitting the Yankees. The National League playoffs are just as exciting, even more so with the pitching. I want the Phillies for the one reason and one reason only: to never have to look at Brian Wilson’s beard ever, ever again.

3. My Red Bicycle Fleet is now complete. Seriously. I’m finished. Why doesn’t anyone believe me? Anyway, say hello to the Vintage Bianchi Nealeco.

Vintage Bianchi Nealeco Folding Bicycle

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4 Responses to Reasons to be cheerful

  1. Sinman says:

    You are a folding, baseball following, tea drinking fool! I think the Bianchi needs new Mavic wheels!

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    You managed to get my Texas Rangers AND Pee Wee Herman into the same post! YOU ARE GOOD! (standing ovation) 🙂

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