End of Summer Beekeeping

Today’s the day we pull the honey supers off the hive.

Bandit Backyard Beehive

It’s late in the season but it’s been such a warm, beautiful fall and I’ve been watching them bring in so much pollen in the past three weeks.
I’ve also been watching their numbers dwindle down as the days shorten and I think all the drones have either died off or have been shoved off so it’s time to batten down, medicate, steal their hard work (don’t worry, I leave most for them if I want bees next year) and hope that everything I’ve done is good enough to prevent them from dying over the winter.
We’ve got a few obstacles for this project:
Timing. It’s a beautiful, warm and sunny weekend therefore I am working. I have to get out of work early enough to make sure that it’s warm while the hive is apart. Unfortunately it’s so busy and hectic at work that blasting out at the second I can leave is a mythical wish. Arrrgh! Who wants to be in a hospital on a beautiful sunny day?
Neighbors. Specifically Mrs. Neighbor. I’m not sure how to camouflage two people dressed in white suits from head-to-toe, topped off with a hat and bee veil. The lilac trees I planted along the fence line only grew a few inches instead of the ten feet I was hoping they’d grow to hide this activity. Damn you little lilac trees! We’ll offer the honey jar of peace again this year.
Moths. The bane of my first hive. They are pure evil and know how to hide in the tiniest places which I learned the hard way two years ago. My loathing for moths is epic and vast. If you convinced me that Bin Ladin was a wax moth, I might find and eradicate him pronto. Logistics of a crazed woman dressed in a beekeeping outfit, wandering in and out of Afangan caves have yet to be worked out.
Bad Dogs. Artie will be fine unless a bee lands on him. Honey is the bad one but I think she’s afraid of them and will hopefully stay away instead of getting under our feet–her usual plan for anything we do that doesn’t include her directly.
Hopefully I’ll be reporting back with great news of a terrific summer for my bees.

Happy Beekeeper

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3 Responses to End of Summer Beekeeping

  1. redriverpak says:

    OK……now your blog title is beginning to make just a little more sense…. πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    I haven’t read about any tragic bee catastrophes up in your neck of the woods so I will assume everything is going well. πŸ™‚

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