Red Sox, Tinkerbell, Uggs, Pajama Bottoms and the end of the season–all together??

grrrrrrr…rrrgggggh….mumble, mummmmmble….
Yeah, whatever, eight games back from the Yankees…six and a half behind Tampa Bay with ten games left. It’s not over yet but really, it’s over.

It was a season of great expectations dashed by injuries and poor performances from those expected to shine. Who would have dreamed Jonathan Papelbon would blow the lead in one game, let alone six (so far)? Youkilis and Pedroia both suffered injuries and then there was the season-long rib drama with Jacoby Ellsbury. It just wasn’t their year. The faithful will have a long winter to dissect the bad and fight about who’s head should be served first on the platter of shame.

Tinkerbell Red Sox Logo

With the dwindling season and diminishing hopes in mind, is it any wonder that a black cloud rolled over my head on this beautiful fall morning when I followed an SUV into Hess Express with this sticker on it?

Uhhhh, yeah… Maybe allowing of this kind of crap in a Red Sox logo is why the season sucked! What the hell does Tinkerbell have to do with The Boston Red Sox?? And why did it bother me so much?

Oh. My. God.

Wait, wait, it gets better (or worse, take your pick).

The driver was wearing a pink Red Sox baseball cap with watermelons on it. Really. I am not kidding. I knew about pink hats but I didn’t know about pink hats with frigging watermelons on them.

I tried glaring and scowling mightily but it made absolutely no impression on the woman who was also very unfortunately dressed in slobby pajama bottoms and those god-awful Uggs slippers. She was oblivious to my beetle-brow and disapproving demeanor. That is most likely the same level of her awareness in regards to the Red Sox–oblivious! So I decided to save my loathing for something more significant and meaningful.

Uggs got no grip so you gonna slip!

I amused myself with this vision of her:

And with the idea that a woman who wears pajamas, Uggs slippers and a pink Red Sox cap adorned with watermelons in public places would most certainly be married to someone like this fellow below:

Go-go Red Sox Tubba Goo Guy

There’s always next year…

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One Response to Red Sox, Tinkerbell, Uggs, Pajama Bottoms and the end of the season–all together??

  1. Sinman says:

    Yo, Liz, you are a true fan, and your ire is well deserved, and best of all, entertaining!!

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