At Tomorrow’s Party, Minehead England 2009

ATP 2009 Minehead England

The fabulous Mr. B and I took a mini…somewhat delayed…whirlwind kind of honeymoon vacation in May 2009. You see, we were married in 1993 but we never took a honeymoon or trip because I had to take a microbiology final two days after the wedding…and yet he married me anyway

Here’s the happy couple in Minehead England after 16 years of wedded bliss.

Sixteen years of wedded bliss

It was a terrific trip–even if it was only 3 days–and I think we were awake most of the time.
Minehead is in the Southwest area of England. We flew to Birmingham and navigated our way via train and bus. It was my first trip across the pond and I felt quite international and all that…

international traveller awaiting the correct train

We had been awake for over 24 hours and began dozing on the train to Minehead but were shocked awake when we passed an oncoming train–which sounds like an explosion when you’re half asleep.

As, ahem, fans of a certain age, my better half and I filled a good deal of time in a more sedate manner than headbanging to Teenage Fan Club, Heartless Bastards and Blood Red Shoes. We enjoyed the countryside and the verdure the way one might imagine a married couple of sixteen years would…Minehead hosts a number of small, interesting attractions and a castle called Dunster at Exmoor.
We had a great time there.

Entrance to the castle of Dunster at Exmoor

Entrance to the castle of Dunster at Exmoor

I have, for as long as I can remember, assumed a Queenlike demeanor when I’ve gone into anything remotely castle-like. Had I known we would be at Dunster Castle, I would have most assuredly packed my crown and mantle.

Make way for the Queen

There is nothing like a well-fortified gate to the castle. The Queen can rest easily knowing the doors are strong.

Fortified Castle Doors

I have, for as long as I can remember, felt a need to protect anything castle-like once I have entered and assumed Queenship. Here I am bracing the gate from…well the Queen never knows!

Brace the gate, Queenie!

We bind and torture those who enter uninvited. Have to set an example, otherwise the whole kingdom falls to rack and ruin.

Before the pillory flogging

Then a tour group came along and we had to go back to being regular, sedate American tourists.

View from Dunster Castle

This is a beautiful panoramic shot from the top of the castle. The weather was pretty much rainy with rare moments of sun.
There were other interesting sights and very English countryside things to see.

Road from the castle

Old village that has been selling yarn for over 400 years

Minehead is the start of the Southwest Coast Path, a 600 mile walking trail that ends in Dorset. Above is an interesting sculpture that marks the beginning of the path. We did maybe 0.00001 of the walk.
We saw some traditional sights of England.

Red Phone Box. It really works despite the annoying prevalence of mobile phones.

We stayed at a complex–the Butlins Resort, which also hosted the concerts. The whole place was rather like manufactured fun and accommodations were dorm-like and loud. I took a picture of my sweetie in front of the Inn we wanted to stay but couldn’t get a reservation.

Inn at Minehead

All right, true confession time; here are the real reasons we flew to Minehead

I will fly anywhere for Bargain Booze

I will fly anywhere for a Tom Jones puzzle

The Breeders

No, seriously, they were the reason we flew out and they were excellent. Kim and Kelly Deal sound just like they did in the early 1990s.


We took an early flight home the morning after the concert. Really, there was no sleep on this trip! Honestly, I felt like we were in college instead mid-forty year olds celebrating a sixteenth anniversary but the truth is, I’d follow this man just about anywhere.

My Beloved Mr. B.


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5 Responses to At Tomorrow’s Party, Minehead England 2009

  1. Dan Boschen says:

    I like the appellations! Thanks for the good memories sweetie.

  2. Sweetman Wissmann Group says:

    Awww, that was so sweet. You were definitely a queen in a former life. Maybe a queen bee? Naah, just a good ol’ regular queen. Great pictures!

  3. redriverpak says:

    Great pics! I lived in England for 3 years and loved the Country!

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