Moving Weekend

What a relief! Son number 1 graduated from UMASS two years ago. That is 2 years free of shopping, sorting, packing, driving, waiting for elevators, unpacking and final words of wisdom.
This weekend is traditionally known as MOVING WEEKEND. Parents of college-bound youth know it well.
How fortunate I feel that I’m mother to a son who doesn’t attach himself to worldly things. Add to that how fortunate I am that we live in this amazing modern age and all the things he does attach himself to are able to be compressed into bits that will fit into an ipod and computer.
How incredibly fortunate I was not blessed with a daughter who falls prey to the Ikea and Pottery Barn catalogues that drive the “MUST-HAVES FOR DORM LIFE” furniture. What a scam, that stuff never fits into a single room, let alone a room shared with one or two roommates who also bring their moving van load full of furniture, puffy pillows, bean bags chairs, shaggy rugs and balloon lamps.
I’ve seen the vans and pick-ups on the highway. I can spot the freshmen: car loaded with both mom and dad in the front while the precious sits in back atop his/her stuff. The upperclassmen are the solo drivers in older SUVs or toyotas. There is usually a school sticker or logo on the back window or bumper.
It’s an exciting time of year, full of new beginnings and great hopes.
I did my part and have another 5 years to go before it starts all over again.

this is only the seventh trip...

this is only the seventh trip...


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3 Responses to Moving Weekend

  1. redriverpak says:

    Same here. The kid starts college in 5 years. We already have him packed and ready to go. Better to plan way ahead…. 🙂

  2. omgyummy says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your food cart experience on the east coast. I am originally from Western Massachusetts, by the way.

    Love your comparison of the boy vs. girl packing requirements. I have one of each, neither college age yet but soon enough and I can guarantee that you described them both pretty perfectly in the requirements column.

    Fun blog. Keep on writing.

    • sweetman says:

      Thank you! Your post was excellent.
      One of the funniest things about moving day to UMASS was watching the parents of who I assumed were girls drive home with half full trucks! Good luck in the near future with your children–time goes so quickly.

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