Nova Scotia a la RV! Vacation 2009

It’s a dreary day, the third in a row which is a first for this summer. To add to the dismal gray fog and mist, my beloved is half the world away in Japan. A business trip, his first to Tokyo. From the dispatches I’m getting, I think it is going well. He’s eaten quite a bit more rubbery, salty, snail-like things than he’s accustomed to injesting which gives my cooking some credit.

I spent the day on-call. Talk about making a long day longer! As much as I feel I’m burnt-out from work, nothing fills a cold, rainy summer day with more dread than waiting to get called into work.

I passed the time in a most pleasing way, I’m happy to say–perusing through photos of vacations which I’m happy to share.

Last summer we rented an RV and drove to Nova Scotia. It was an interesting trip. The original plan (formulated over the years) was to drive and tent along the way. That plan evolved into renting an RV (comfort, convenience, DRY ACCOMODATIONS).

It was a blast. We brought the dumb dogs which was also a lot of fun despite my griping about people who bring their dumb dogs everywhere.

Here are some of the highlights:

Early morning departure for Nova Scotia. When a friend of my husband's saw the photo, she commented that she loved the rustic colors of Canada. We hadn't even left but loved her enthusiasm.

We drove north to Acadia National Park in Maine. What a beautiful place! It’s definitely a destination for another vacation in our future. Most likely we’ll go with tents and bikes.

This is what you saw if you were stuck behind us on the highway. Sorry

Acadia National Park has a shuttle bus that takes campers into Bar Harbor for free. After a couple of days of hiking and camp fire food, it’s a nice way to spend an evening.

This couple is ready for a night on the town--HE'S very ready

While not intentionally planning a dog vacation, you can clearly see the two bad dogs had a pretty sweet set-up in the RV.

I am definitely coming back as one of my dogs in my next life--there is no downside to it.

Can you believe we ran into people with FIVE bad dogs??? We thought we were insane to have TWO! Here’s three of the five, the other two were in the car destroying something. The owners assured us that the yellow females are the worst. Small world.

Yippy, Killer and Shaky. Lumpy and Snappy are destroying things in the back.

Acadia National Park Campground takes no reservations, it’s first-come-first-serve which was a little nerve-wracking to think about but as it was the end of a rainy summer (2009), we had no problem getting a spot and wow! What a beautiful place!

Beautiful view from the beautiful pool. We had the place to ourselves.

Beautiful wide angle of Cadillac mountain range

We had the most beautiful weather of the entire summer in that week. Here’s a photo of my guys just before crossing the border to Canada. Love the super hero pose atop the RV.

Super Hero and Super Hero Jr. in a Patriotic Moment atop an RV

This was the view from a huge suspension bridge in New Brunswick, Canada. It’s funny, we got the sense that we were driving about the most compact part of Canada but everything felt huge and spread apart. Remember, I’m from Massachusetts–you can drive through four states in about 4 hours.

New Brunswick Canada from a bridge

I think Charlie got a little stir crazy–here he is after 4 days in the dog bed on wheels.


I never got tired of it! If I wasn’t enjoying the scenic ride, I was posing in front of the it! Life should always be in an RV!

I'm trying to accessorize myself with an RV

This was atop one of the most beautiful spots in Nova Scotia–Cape Breton Nova Scotia. It was a white-knuckle ride in what felt like an enormous, tippy vehicle but it was worth it once we got to the top.

Narrow road along Cape Breton

Beautiful views of Cape Breton Nova Scotia

You know, this place is HUGE, there's nothing small or compact about Canada

We took a bit of a breather once we got to the top. Again, after the rainiest summer of the 21st century, the weather couldn’t have been better for us.

Cape Breton with Charlie 2009

We whiled away the evenings in a most interesting manner after we ran out of marshmallows and stories.

Moon nabbing

Don’t worry, a park ranger made Dan cough out the moon, said it wasn’t fair to the rest of the world for him to eat it.

All right Mister, you just cough up that moon and put it back!

Then on to Halifax and the Citadel. Interesting, old place…

Halifax Canada

It had some underground tunnels and passage ways, very protected.

Citadel passage way

We were able to enjoy a rifle practice of the guards and some bagpipes.

Citadel guards with rifles and kilts--tell me they aren't manly!

It was a great trip but I was road-and-Canada-weary by the time we got to Halifax.

Citadel...Dude, where's my RV?

What’s really funny about this trip is that the driving took far longer than we anticipated. We are usually really good trip planners but I don’t know how we managed to overlook the MILES of driving between New Brunswick and Cape Breton so we took the CAT ferry from Yarmouth to Portland, Maine and cut about 13 hours of driving but added about….I can’t even think of the cost, even today. I guess it had some worth as they no longer run that leg of the ferry.
It was incredibly convenient despite my incredible seasickness.

This was the BACK of the ferry. We were the last on, they put up a little yellow jersey barrier for safety just after we took this photo

The dogs stayed in the RV for the ride over which must have been interesting but I’ll never know how it really went because dogs don’t talk but this was their view from the front of the RV–it was practicallly hanging off the back of the CAT ferry.

This photo does no justice to the size of the wake from the back of the fast ferry from Yarmouth Nova Scotia to Portland, Maine

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3 Responses to Nova Scotia a la RV! Vacation 2009

  1. redriverpak says:

    What a great trip and great photos! I will have to add NS to my list of places to visit. My wife and I have talked about renting an RV some time in the future. Sounds like you had a great time. Was the RV something you would recommend?

  2. sweetman says:

    We had the best time, I definitely recommend it. Renting was a great idea–you should have seen the neighbors faces when they saw us SQUEEZE that behemoth in the driveway! They were thinking, “That’s great, now they got the trailer, when’s the hillbilly music starting!”
    Anyway, planning and research will save you money, especially if you’re taking a long trip from Texas to Nova Scotia. RV rental companies are almost double the price of a private owner.
    Stop by the North Shore if you ever do journey up the East Coast, we’ll feed you some lobstah!

  3. redriverpak says:

    Will do! I never pass up the opportunity for LOBSTAH. 🙂 Will have to see if the kid and I can somehow get to a SAWKS game also! 🙂

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