Dr. Laura is One Very Rude Woman. Let’s Hope We’re Not Too Hypersensitive About That!

I'm not a Hater, I'm a level-headed debater!

My First Amendment rights have been usurped by angry, hateful groups who don’t want to debate. They want to eliminate.”
Dr. Laura’s boo-hoo session to her Agony Aunt Larry on Larry King Live! preceded her announcement that she quit (before getting dropped off) the airways.
Clever, preemptive and 100% spineless.
Don’t despair, the hissing crackle of the limited and limiting AM band waves will be instantly filled with someone new, wholesome, helpful and God-fearing. I’m sure she won’t be forgotten, her unbalanced raving may even be the first topic of the new program!
Eleven, eleven! times did Dr. Laura spit out the N-word during a little tete a tete with a caller seeking advice. The exchange wasn’t so much a debate as it was an argument which devolved into an earnestly hateful rant on Dr. Laura’s part.
Obviously there is a bee in Dr. Laura’s skewed bonnet. She doesn’t have the privilege (as a rich white woman) to toss the N-word about as nonchalantly as a couple of brothers have while hanging around a street corner. And what’s with HBO’s unfair advantage?? How unjust that the network discovered a golden ticket for freely dropping N-bombs on a whim! It clearly pisses her off.
For what ever reason, this luxury of lexicon so enraged the angry Doctor that she chose the worst possible moment to practice her First Amendment right: by spewing it at a black woman who called to complain about insensitive racial comments from her white husband’s family.
Wow, way to pick your moments, Dr. L!
First Amendment rights aside, I feel safe in assuming that when someone calls into an advice program for advice from an advice doctor, the outcome of that phone call would result in advice!
I feel equally safe in assuming that the last thing a caller of color might expect from a white advice expert is an argument about society’s over-sensitivity to deeply offensive word that has been used hatefully for ages to denigrate and demoralize people of color!
Any merit Dr. Laura may have had in trying defend her diminished First Amendment right due to racial hypersensitivity was rendered useless by her lack of insight. Why she picked this particular caller’s plight as the launch for her idiotic, out-of-touch rant is a mystery. Her little mea culpa on Larry King Live! was lame, lame, LAME! And didn’t really shed light on a valid reason for her actions. Nor did it provide the slightest hint that she’s being reigned in, muzzled or silenced.
There are ways to deliver meaningful messages. Most reasonable, high-functioning adults know timing is everything. Exercising your right to drop the N-bomb when a sister calls to cry racial foul in a mixed marriage? Probably not the best opportunity.
Yeah, she has a right to say it and she used her right eleven times. But just because she can say the N-word (eleven times–how on earth is that a diminished right and who’s the hater??) doesn’t mean she should. That’s the difference between practicing rights and shoving them down the throats of anyone in earshot–particularly the caller who had every right to be deeply offended.
A bit of a silver lining regarding this rant: the public has seen some of what drives of Dr. Laura. Hopefully it keeps her from dispensing her hateful opinions wrapped as “advice” and those who seek help will now look elsewhere.
Good luck with your future endeavors, Dr. Laura. Hopefully you’ll get exactly what you deserve for your efforts: Nothing.

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6 Responses to Dr. Laura is One Very Rude Woman. Let’s Hope We’re Not Too Hypersensitive About That!

  1. bostongraf says:

    “luxury of lexicon ” Now that’s a fantastic turn of phrase!

    Excellent piece all around. Thank you.

  2. redriverpak says:

    I always took the woman to be a racist nut……I’m surprised she lasted this long before finally getting truly exposed. Good riddance! Though…..I fear she will probably end up with her own show on FOX NEWS sometime in the future….

  3. redriverpak says:

    Check out Sarah Palin’s tweet about Doctor Laura on my latest post…. It will make you gag!

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