What the heck happened?

My beloved blog is different! This is awful! What happened? How did I land in this nightmare??

Everything is different, everything. It is like I’m wandering around what was a very familiar room in the pitch dark but someone rearranged the furniture so I’m smashing about, crashing into things, unable to go where I want or get anything done….Basically it’s something of a blog nightmare.

Here’s the truth (I’m making pleading confessions because I’m desperate now) when I started writing in this I was like, “Oh, sure, I’ll just throw some random ideas around on a wordpress blog, it’ll help me sort out ideas and become a better, more SERIOUS kind of writer. It doesn’t, you know, MEAN anything!” and that’s what I did for a few entries. But then I started getting into it, reading what others wrote, following a few blogs and quite unexpectedly, I had found myself a niche, a community that I enjoy. It is something much more than a place where I blot down random thoughts (hey! everyone! are we all tired of “random thoughts”? I’m wicked tired of random thoughts* and I randomly think we should embargo that phrase from this moment until the end of eternity).

If I wasn’t so hysterical right now, I’d think it was funny how I just set things by picking a theme I liked and throwing on some widgets. It literally took about two minutes.

So (hey! everyone! can we stop starting sentences with “So”? It is so overdone) now I have this mess on my hands and I can’t pull it together because nothing is where it’s supposed to be! I’m a wreck! The order of my universe has been utterly jumbled.

All right, deep breath. In the grand scheme of all things great and small, this is absolutely nothing. It’s pathetic, actually, that I’m acting this way. Writers write. They write when they can, where they can, however they can. I’m having a melt-down because I have a different picture on the header of my blogroll and I can’t get my sidebar back to it’s original configuration? Will I be throwing a full-blown temper tantrum in public if my next bag of M&Ms has more than 5 tan (my least favorite) candies in the bag?

Someone say it please: Good grief, woman! Get a grip!

Addendum: Please note Sweetman is under control. She’s been sedated and loosely secured (for safety reasons only) to a “quiet room”.
*Second Addendum: “random shiz” is worse than “Random Thoughts” and both have long out-lived their shelf-life.

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1 Response to What the heck happened?

  1. sweetman says:

    After some in-depth investigation (whiney/boo-hoo emails) I found out the wordpress no longer supports the cutline theme and it automatically defaulted to their latest “look”. It took me two days to configure things back to what I recall…. As I said, a minute to set up several years ago, impossible to replicate because my tech savviness is on level with a garden grub.

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